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Solar Installers

Our team of experienced and licensed professionals have installed over 2,800 solar panel arrays under the same ownership for over a decade. Our turn-key engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions are complete with in-house capabilities and partners, so you never have to worry about who is handling your project. As a Certified B Corp, we prioritize people and planet and cannot wait to bring your solar dream to life! Reach out to our commercial solar installers for a free quote!

What Is
Commercial Solar?

Solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors contain a wide variety of customer types, project sizes, and designs. In addition to serving companies large and small, solar energy can also be utilized by nonprofit organizations, schools, universities, farms, and government offices. Commercial solar is more than just a renewable energy source for companies rather than for homes; most of the installations are substantially larger in their size and scope.

Commercial settings utilize distributed generation, where the energy generated from the solar array is used at or near the point of creation. Those with distributed generation systems are usually connected to the local power grid and can therefore take advantage of net metering, where unused energy is sent back to the grid in exchange for a bill credit.

At StraightUp Solar, we assist corporations and small businesses alike in reaping the benefits of solar power. To see how your company can use solar to its advantage, get in touch with our experienced commercial solar installation company in Missouri and Illinois for a free personalized quote.


Commercial Work

Commercial Solar


The most prominent benefit of switching to solar energy is the money you save. Being able to offset some or all of your electricity usage with solar reduces your monthly utility bill from day one. Additionally, by owning your power source, your company locks in energy generation and is less exposed to ever-rising energy rates.

Plus, more immediate savings can be seen when you turn the tax liability into an investment via the 30% federal tax credit in 2022. As a business owner, the money you save can be used to grow your successful company.


Since solar is a clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy source, your company’s investment in an array is also an investment in the future of our planet. Solar technology is a large component of reducing both national greenhouse gas emissions and the negative effects of climate change.

By making the decision to invest in solar, you’re spreading the message to employees, potential customers, and investors that your company contributes to the growth of renewable energy in your community. Take advantage of the opportunity to install EV charging stations to power your fleet, attract customers, and demonstrate corporate leadership.


Solar provides a low, essentially fixed electricity rate that your company can rely on for the 25+ year lifespan of your array. Annual savings make solar a low-risk investment with a powerful ROI. With the manufacturer's warranty on panels and O&M service options from our dedicated service team, your investment is protected.

Turn your business into a reliable resource by adding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Depending on your business goals, this addition can help increase customer and employee loyalty, power your fleet, or demonstrate your corporate leadership.


How much money will solar power add to YOUR bottom line?

The cost of solar energy has dropped over 80% during the last decade. State and federal incentives can put some of the purchase price right back in your pocket. This means regular working families now go solar every day. Moreover, StraightUp Solar offers financing options that make it even easier.

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar can work for your commercial or industrial business.


1. Solar Array

Your business’ solar panels use the sun’s energy to produce direct current (DC) electricity


2. Inverter & AC Panel

The inverter converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity and sends it to your standard AC electrical panel.


3. Utility Meter

Solar electricity used by your business is electricity you do not purchase from the utility grid.


4. Electric Grid

Your solar system works in coordination with the utility grid. Any demand that is not met by your solar array is supplied by the grid. Any excess solar electricity that
is not used at your facility will be sent to the grid.


5. Monitoring

Track your system’s production using an online monitoring portal which is linked directly from your inverter.

Mounting Systems

Ground Mounted Arrays

As the name suggests, ground mounted solar arrays are installed on open land unaffected by shadows. The largest benefit of a ground mounted system is the ability to design an orientation and tilt angle that maximizes the amount of sunlight captured. Since they can be manipulated to absorb the most energy possible, ground mounted arrays are the option with the highest productivity level. The standard structure is anchored to the ground in several spots, similar to a canopy. On the top rests a tilted frame, typically made of steel, that houses the panels.

Roof Mounted Arrays

Many commercial and industrial buildings have expansive flat roof spaces, which act as suitable places to install solar. Regardless of your company’s roof material, there’s a solar solution for you. Our commercial solar installers place the panels onto existing roofs via a bracketing network, which allows the system to adjust and capture the most direct light. The two attachment methods for roof mounted arrays include:

  • Ballasted: Concrete blocks anchor the solar array onto a flat roof.
  • Attached: The system is installed via water-sealed, roof-penetrating fasteners.

Carport Arrays

Placed over a parking area, carport arrays act as a canopy to protect vehicles underneath while also capturing energy from the sun. Solar carports provide companies with the opportunity to create sustainable energy from an unlikely source. They are built specifically for harvesting the sun’s energy and are thus distinct from roof mounted solar panels placed on existing carports. Any issue with roof orientation and angle is eliminated, because the panels serve as the “roof” of the structure.

Contact Our Commercial Solar Installers

As a Certified B Corporation, we put People and Planet first and operate under our CLEARE values. StraightUp Solar has over 15 years of experience in the solar industry, a trusted track record few other companies can match. Many members of our team power their homes with solar, and experience the benefits of switching to sustainable energy firsthand. When you choose StraightUp Solar, you receive a team of commercial solar installers dedicated to helping you contribute to the growth of solar in your community.

B Corp

StraightUp Solar first became Certified as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) in 2015. Unique in the business world, B Corps commit to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Why Choose the Commercial Solar Installers at
StraightUp Solar?

Our team of experienced and licensed professionals have installed over 2,800 solar panel arrays under the same ownership for over a decade. We provide up-front and transparent cost-benefit modeling, as well as financing plans that make solar work for you. The designs we create are based on your needs, wants, goals, and constraints, giving you all the information necessary to make a sound decision.

Our turn-key engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions are complete with in-house capabilities and partners, so you never have to worry about who is handling your project. We are a fully insured and licensed solar firm with a dedicated electrician, North American Board of Certified Energy (NABCEP)-certified technicians, and commercial solar installers committed to excellent workmanship.

In addition to manufacturers’ warranties, we also provide workmanship and production warranties. When you partner with us for your company’s solar, take advantage of our customized operations and maintenance services. Our team will provide scheduled preventative maintenance, an ongoing monitoring of alerts, a review of system performance, and an annual energy production report. Plus, utilize our marketing support with a real-time public solar energy production display.

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