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Generally speaking, companies within the industrial and manufacturing sector use large amounts of electricity in production. The energy to power machinery, equipment, lighting, and office functions throughout any given day contributes to significant overhead costs. As the price of electricity from the grid continues to rise, a larger portion of the company budget must cover this cost each month.


There’s a solution to control energy costs. Solar is clean, efficient, and cost-effective. Choose solar to offset the energy usage of your industrial building. At StraightUp Solar, we’ve been helping customers make the switch to renewable energy for over 15 years. Our local team of experts manages every aspect of your company’s solar project, from design to build to maintenance. If you’re looking to improve cash flow and boost return on investment (ROI), request a free quote today.

How Industrial
Solar Power Works

After your solar panels are professionally installed by our technicians, they gather the sun’s energy to create direct current (DC) electricity. Next, your inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, and sends it to your standard electrical panel. The electricity your manufacturing plant or office uses can be used directly for your consumption, reducing your electrical needs from the utility. Your solar array works in tandem with the local grid. When your energy consumption exceeds your solar generation, your company receives electricity from your utility. When you have a surplus of renewable energy, the excess is sent to the grid and credited to your account through net metering.  The value of the net metered energy can reduce your electricity bill, further lowering the cost of solar to your company. See the interactive infographic below to learn more about how solar works for you.

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar can work for your commercial or industrial business.


1. Solar Array

Your business’ solar panels use the sun’s energy
to produce direct current (DC) electricity


2. Inverter & AC Panel

The inverter converts the DC electricity to alternating
current (AC) electricity and sends it to your standard AC
electrical panel.


3. Utility Meter

Solar electricity used by your business is electricity you do
not purchase from the utility grid.


4. Electric Grid

Your solar system works in coordination with the utility
grid. Any demand that is not met by your solar array
is supplied by the grid. Any excess solar electricity that
is not used at your facility will be sent to the grid.


5. Monitoring

Track your system’s production using an online
monitoring portal which is linked directly from your

Solar Power Advantages

Whether your company specializes in food processing or chemical production, industrial solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions yield key strategic advantages, such as:

Lowered Costs
and Incentives

Your reduced dependency on the local grid protects you against the ever-rising electricity rates. As a result, your company’s cash flow increases, allowing you to allocate funds toward growth initiatives. Generating solar energy for your industrial facility is low-risk, long-term investment with potential double-digit ROI.

In addition to the money saved from estimated lower monthly utility costs, companies can take advantage of government incentives. For example, companies whose solar systems are “placed in service” prior to December 31, 2022 can reap a 26% federal tax credit. The credit drops to 22% in 2023, and after 2024, companies only receive 10% of their full system cost. Don’t hesitate to get started - reach out today to reap the benefits.


Harvesting the sun’s energy to offset the power in your facility gives you control over your electricity. You can monitor your system’s performance at any time through an online portal directly connected to your inverter.

The data can be analyzed to align your peak production hours with peak solar energy generation. The more energy gathered during the period of your company’s highest electricity consumption, the less likely you’ll need power from the grid.

Attract New

The consumers of today are environmentally conscious. In fact, many consumers will only purchase products or services from companies that utilize clean energy.

When your industrial facility switches to solar power, you’ll pique the interest of potential customers. Your contribution to the growth of clean energy in the region can then be used to kickstart a marketing campaign aimed at attracting new business opportunities.

Industrial SOLAR POWER

How much money will solar power add to YOUR bottom line?

The cost of solar energy has dropped over 80% during the last decade. State and federal incentives can put some of the purchase price right back in your pocket. This means regular working families now go solar every day. Moreover, StraightUp Solar offers financing options that make it even easier.

Why Choose
StraightUp Solar?

Since 2006, StraightUp Solar has professionally installed over 1,900 residential and commercial-scale solar projects in Illinois and Missouri. As a full-service, turnkey solar design and installation company, we emphasize our CLEARE values in everything we do. We’re proud to be Certified as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), a unique community of businesses around the world putting people and planet before profit. Additionally, we’re members of Amicus Solar Cooperative, a network of more than 60 locally owned, quality-driven, and clean energy-committed solar installers across the nation sharing lessons learned, best practices, and cooperative buying power. We’re dedicated to the customers we serve, providing 10-year workmanship warranties in addition to the manufacturers’ 25-year warranty. The solar operations and maintenance services we provide include preventive maintenance with continuous alert monitoring, periodic ongoing system performance reports, and annual reporting of energy production. We also offer corrective and reactive maintenance for both our solar installations and those of other companies. It’s our goal to ensure your solar array performs to your expectations.

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If you’re seeking to lower your overhead costs with clean solar energy, look no further than StraightUp Solar! As a fully insured, licensed, and certified turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) solar firm, you can trust our team to handle every step of your solar installation. Solar is more affordable now than ever before - reach out today to get started!

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