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Keep the lights on in a power outage with solar battery storage. StraightUp Solar offers several solar and storage options, from powering a few appliances to whole house backup. Our engineers can create a custom solution for your home through our storage platforms: Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ Battery.

Consider pairing your solar and battery with a smart SPAN panel to control your energy loads. We’re here to help you make the most of your solar system! Contact us today for a free solar battery storage solution quote.

How Solar Battery Storage Works

With a solar + battery solution installed in your home, the excess energy from the sun charges your battery for nighttime use. In the morning, when the sun starts to shine, your solar system energy powers the home’s electrical devices first. As the sun rises in the afternoon, your home will consume less energy than your solar PV system produces. This excess energy is stored within the solar battery for later in day or nighttime use when solar energy production decreases. 

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage systems offer numerous advantages to residential areas:

  • Save money: A battery allows you to self-consume more of your energy instead of pulling from the utility grid’s energy supply. Every kilowatt you save in the battery and use for your home is one less the utility company will charge you at the full retail price. Net-metered homes receive credit for their excess energy, but at a lower rate than what the utility normally charges for grid-energy consumption.
  • Outage relief: During extended utility outages and the growing trend of climate disasters, solar battery storage offers peace of mind and assurance to charge and power protected loads. Solar batteries provide a renewable energy substitute rather than a fossil fuel-powered generator.
  • Greater self-sufficiency: You no longer have to rely upon the inconsistent grid to power your home. A 10kW battery should provide several hours of backup power, depending on your energy usage. That’s several hours of self-sufficient electricity.

Additionally, consider adding a Smart SPAN Panel to improve the flexibility of your solar battery storage during an outage.

Solar Battery Incentives

30% Federal Tax Credit

The installation of solar battery storage is eligible for a tax credit, just like your solar PV system. The federal Investment Tax Credit can cover 30% of battery storage and solar PV system costs. The tax credit can apply if you install solar + battery system together or install the solar battery storage on an existing solar system. 

Illinois Solar Battery Rebate

A new battery incentive of $300 per kWh of storage is available for Illinois homeowners in Ameren Illinois or ComEd service territory, thanks to the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act. Learn more about the Ilinois solar battery rebate.

Are You Eligible for Battery Incentives?

A custom quote will provide details on incentives you may be eligible for, in addition to all the info you need up front to make your solar + battery decision. Whether you’re looking to add a battery onto your existing solar system or are looking for a complete solar + battery solution, we can get you started with a custom quote.

Getting the Most From Your Solar Battery

Solar batteries, with a potential lifespan of up to 15 years, are becoming more durable and long-lasting as technology has significantly improved. Battery lifespan can depend on the kind of battery, capacity, how often it is used, placement, and minimal maintenance.  To maximize their lifespan, it is recommended to choose high-quality batteries, avoid over-draining, and perform basic maintenance like dusting and ensuring a dry environment. Following these practices ensures optimal performance and longevity for your solar battery.

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Solar Battery Storage Products

Tesla Powerwall

StraightUp Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer for eastern Missouri and Illinois. The Powerwall connects to your system via a Tesla gateway, which monitors power in and out of the batteries. Upon receiving a National Weather Service notification, the Powerwall automatically enters Storm Mode to ensure a full charge before severe weather arrives.

Interested in the new Powerwall 3? Reach out to get started on your custom quote.

*Images from Tesla

Enphase IQ Battery

Reliable, Smart, Simple. The Enphase IQ Battery 10 is an all-in-one AC-coupled storage system that is reliable, smart, simple, and safe. It consists of three base IQ Battery 3 storage units, has a total usable energy capacity of 10.08 kWh, and twelve embedded grid-forming microinverters with a 3.84 kW power rating. The design can expand with ease as your energy needs grow. The Enphase intelligent Storm Guard™ feature automatically tracks weather systems to prioritize power backup if it detects an approaching storm.

*Some images from Enphase

Solar Battery Storage Solution

StraightUp Solar is the leader in residential and commercial solar systems throughout eastern Missouri and Illinois. We provide design-to-build solutions for solar panels, battery storage, smart panels, and EV charging stations. Since 2006, we’ve completed over 2,600 solar projects – an accomplishment few local companies can match. Request a custom quote today and start reaping the benefits of solar battery storage!

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