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Missouri & Illinois
Solar Installers

Solar energy is more affordable than ever. It is a practical alternative to the traditional, less environmentally friendly way of powering your home. When you install solar on your home, you’ll reap the benefits from day one. At StraightUp Solar, our local team of experts manages each aspect of your project, from design to build to maintenance. It’s our goal to ensure your solar system performs to your expectations. Reach out to our residential solar installers today for a free solar quote!

How Does
Residential Solar Energy Work?

Your solar PV system is a unified network of equipment that works in concert to provide solar electricity for your home. Central to the system is the solar array, a connected set of solar panels that collect the sun’s energy during the day.  Most homes utilize rooftop arrays, but for those with more land, ground mounted arrays are also a viable option.

When that energy is collected, an inverter will transform it into ready-to-use electricity. Your family may then use the electricity to power air conditioning, appliances, lighting, and more. If excess energy is present, it will be sent to your local power grid, and the utility company provides a credit for you to use during the night hours. Additionally, you can track your array’s production and efficiency online at any time. Learn more about net metering in Missouri and Illinois

View our interactive graphic below for the step-by-step process.

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar can work for your home.


1. Solar Array

The sun's rays hit your solar panels and generate
direct current electricity


2. Inverter

An inverter changes this direct current electricity
to alternating current and it's ready for use in
your home


3. Excess Solar Electricity

Anytime you produce more than you use, the
excess is shared with your utility


4. Net Metering Credits

In exchange, your utility gives you a credit to use
when the sun is down


5. Monitoring

You can even go online to track your solar
energy production

Benefits Of
Powering a House with Solar Panels


The most prominent benefit solar homeowners experience is lowered monthly utility bills. When you own your home’s energy source, you lock in that portion of your energy use and protect your home against rising utility bills. When the rate of electricity generation is greater than your family’s consumption, the process of net metering allows you to sell the energy back to the power grid. Thus, your monthly bill reflects your home’s net energy consumption. Over time, the system will pay for itself and you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars.

Plus, take advantage of the recently increased federal incentive offered to homes with solar. Installing your solar array between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2032 allows you to receive 30% of the full system cost back as a credit against your total tax liability for the year. Discover your solar savings by reaching out for a free custom quote today.

In addition to federal incentives, homeowners in Missouri and Illinois can utilize local rebates and financing options to make solar more affordable.

Whether you choose to leverage your home equity line of credit or a loan offered by the Clean Energy Credit Union, there are numerous options available. Thanks to the incentives offered, more working middle class families are purchasing solar systems than ever before.

Increased Home Value

Solar panel installation projects are now viewed in the same light as home renovations, like kitchen and bathroom upgrades. In addition to the undeniable benefit of lower electricity bills, homebuyers are increasingly interested in the “green living” aspect that residential solar provides. Plus, buying a home with solar already installed means immediate energy bill savings and cash flow generation for the home as soon as you move in. Recent studies have even shown that homes with solar sell for higher value than traditionally-powered homes!

Pearl Certification

StraightUp Solar joined the Pearl Home Certification Network to provide a better way to prove the value of your home’s solar PV system when you sell or refinance. Our solar customers qualify for a free nationally-recognized certification as a high-performing home in the areas of comfort, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Only the top 5% of solar contractors in the country qualify to certify their work with Pearl—and we are one of them. As a certified Pearl Contractor, StraightUp Solar meets Pearl’s stringent requirements of quality workmanship, installation expertise, technical training, and customer service.

Increased Resiliency

An important benefit of rooftop solar arrays commonly found on homes is its ability to extend the life of your roof. The panels protect your roofing from the elements, such as snow, hail, wind, rain, and other debris. Additionally, your house will be more energy efficient during the summer months, because the sun is not directly impacting the roof. Instead, the heat is absorbed by the panels, keeping your home’s temperature down and reducing the energy used.

Additionally, solar energy can be stored for later use through our battery options, so when the power grid goes down, your home does not. We offer several battery and storage choices that range from ensuring certain appliances retain functionality to powering your entire home in an emergency. For total control of your energy, consider pairing your system and battery with a smart panel. You can trust our residential solar installers to provide quality products and systems that benefit your home’s energy production.

Environmental Awareness

Supporting solar in our region helps contribute toward a more sustainable future for us all. Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal, which release harmful pollutants into the air that negatively impact climate change, air quality, and public health. Choosing renewable energy, however, reduces our society’s dependence on fossil fuels, which are finite. The clean energy harvested from the sun is natural, constant, and clean.


How much money CAN
solar power SAVE YOU?
The cost of solar energy has dropped over 80% during the last decade. State and federal incentives can put some of the purchase price right back in your pocket. This means regular working families now go solar every day. Moreover, StraightUp Solar offers financing options that make it even easier.

Residential Work

Why Choose
StraightUp Solar’s Residential Solar Installers?

As a turnkey solar EPC company, we’re proud to have brought more than 2,800 solar systems to light for our neighbors since 2006. The StraightUp Solar in-house design and installation teams create custom solar projects, overseeing every aspect from start to finish. Our dedication to you doesn’t stop there – we also offer service plans and warranties that ensure your system works efficiently during its lifespan. In addition to the manufacturer’s 25-year warranty, we also offer a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 10-year production guarantee.

We are proud that half of our team members are North American Board Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)-certified professionals, meaning they’ve meet the industry’s gold standard for solar professionals. 

We are also members of Amicus Solar, a nationwide organization of independently owned solar companies striving to better themselves, the products they install, and the environment. Plus, numerous team members power their homes with solar, and have experienced the benefits themselves. 

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