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Solar Service in Missouri & Illinois

At StraightUp Solar, caring for our customers is central to our mission. That’s why we have a dedicated full-time service team – to ensure your solar solution continues delivering clean energy reliably to your home or business. You can count on us to provide outstanding solar service in Missouri and Illinois.

As a turn-key solar EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) company, StraightUp Solar supports you and your system from initial design to final installation and beyond. Driven by our CLEARE values, we strive to be your partner for the 25+ year lifespan of your system.

Request service or learn troubleshooting methods using the links below. We look forward to assisting you!

StraightUp Solar’s
Service Department Has You Covered

Our professionals have designed and installed over 2,800 solar systems under the same ownership for the last 16 years – a track record few other local solar companies can match. Our B Corp certification status allows us to develop solar solutions and processes that ensure we remain your solar partner for a lifetime.

StraightUp Solar’s experienced in-house Service Department serves eastern Missouri plus central and southern Illinois. Whether your solar PV (photovoltaic) or battery storage system needs fixing in Missouri or Illinois, our skilled service department has you covered. We’ll analyze the issue and perform proven maintenance procedures that ensure clean energy continues to power your home or business.

Residential Solar Service Missouri & Illinois | StraightUp Solar

Why Choose Our
Solar Installation Company in St. Louis? 

Since 2006, StraightUp Solar has been the leading solar installation company in Missouri and Illinois. We’re more than just solar installers – we’re a group of passionate individuals who help customers positively impact the growth of clean energy in our communities.

Our straightforward project management approach lets you view your project from initial concept to installation and operational support. Nearly half of our team is also certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® (NABCEP).

When you choose StraightUp Solar for solar service in Missouri and Illinois, you’ll receive a team of skilled professionals dedicated to ensuring optimal system performance. With over 20 service and support team members possessing decades of combined experience, you can be confident that your home or business will continue to garner the sun’s clean energy.

StraightUp Solar Service Team Reviews

We Can Service Your Home’s Solar Array

Our full-time service department can help you troubleshoot issues and fulfill service requests. Whatever common problems your system may present, you can count on us to provide industry-leading solar service in Missouri and Illinois.

We can solve the following issues:

  • Malfunctioning wiring
  • Chewed wiring from animals
  • Malfunctioning inverters
  • Monitoring display issues
  • Detaching and reattaching panels when re-roofing your home or business.

If you need professional solar servicing, contact our technicians today for a quote!

Having Roof Work Done? 

We Can Temporarily Remove and Reinstall Your Solar Panels.

As a local solar company, we know that Missouri and Illinois roofs can sustain damage from wind, hail, sun exposure, and age. In fact, Solar is designed to withstand golf-ball sized hail traveling up to 50 miles per hour, offering a layer of roof protection. Exposed roof may still get damaged. That’s why we provide “Remove & Replace” services, or R&R for short.

Our team can temporarily remove your solar panels when your roof needs maintenance and reinstall them once the work is complete. Please note that if your roof is over 15 years old, we recommend replacing it before installing solar panels. 

Have a Stranded Array?

We Can Help.
Not all solar companies stick around long enough to service their installations, leaving some homeowners and businesses stranded. In these circumstances, we can do our best to help. Our experienced team can typically service most arrays within our Missouri and Illinois service area, though we do prioritize our customers first.
If you’re an Illinois Shines program participant whose Approved Vendor and/or Designee has gone out of business, is unable to meet program requirements, or has been suspended from the program, reach out. StraightUp Solar is a registered Illinois Shines Approved Designee and meets the program’s strict eligibility requirements.
We were founded in 2006 and plan to be around long enough to take care of our residential and commercial customers throughout the lifespan of their solar PV system. It’s important to choose a trusted, local company who’s in it for the long haul. 

Missouri & Illinois Solar Service Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing some simple issues with your existing solar array? It happens – sometimes, you may need to reboot your inverter or reset the monitoring display. We’ve compiled some guidance below to help you quickly resolve everyday issues yourself. Visit our service troubleshooting page for a full list of resources.

We recommend resetting your system annually in a process often called the “Power Cycle.” Power Cycling involves turning your solar components off and back on. These steps can resolve many issues from your online monitoring portal. It’s important to note that Power Cycling will never harm your solar system.

Access specific troubleshooting instructions for your inverter brand below: 

Animals can cause significant damage to roof-mounted solar arrays by chewing wires and digging under them. Removing trees or vegetation near your roof can limit their access. If you notice any animal activity, please contact us for service. Warranties don’t cover animal damage, but your homeowner’s insurance may cover it.

We recommend installing Critter Guard, a heavily-coated black wire mesh around your array’s perimeter, to prevent animal damage. Although Critter Guard doesn’t 100% guarantee against animal damage, it can effectively deter nesting birds, squirrels, and other roof rodents. Contact our service department for a quote on Critter Guard.

You can clean ground-mounted solar arrays yourself using a soft sponge or mop with cool water. We recommend only using minimal and targeted dish soap to remove tree sap from the panels if necessary. However, be sure to rinse the panels thoroughly if you utilize detergent. Do not wash the undersides of your panels.

For your safety, StraightUp Solar doesn’t recommend accessing your roof for any reason, including panel cleaning. We can provide an estimate upon request if you want your panels professionally cleaned. We will customize the price to your system, depending on the number of panels installed, your roof’s slope and height, and whether your system requires specialized lifts and equipment.  

Please note that we can only perform panel cleaning in winter at temperatures above 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Submit a Service Request if interested, and we will happily provide a quote for you.

Operations & Maintenance

Our Operations & Maintenance (O&M) packages help keep your commercial solar array running smoothly through regular checkups and priority attention. Choosing us for commercial solar service in Missouri and Illinois lets you rest assured knowing that our professionals back your system and keep it operating at the highest level.

The O&M services we offer include the following:

Do You Need
Solar Service in Missouri or Illinois?

Our solar service department is here to help you maximize the potential of your clean energy solution. We customize your solar solution to your needs and ensure your servicing does the same. 

If you need solar service in Missouri or Illinois, contact StraightUp Solar for a personalized quote. We look forward to helping you continue contributing to the clean energy movement through solar!

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