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Missouri Solar

Are you thinking about making the switch to solar? Good news – if you live in Missouri and have solar panels installed on your home, you may be eligible for tax credits or utility incentives. So, when you choose to go solar, not only are you saving money on your electric bill and enjoying energy independence, but also creating more clean energy for all of us. That’s a win-win-win.

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Why Go Solar?

Solar PV systems for the home are increasingly popular and more affordable than ever, making it a great time to make the switch to solar. In addition to being a free, unlimited source of energy that’s good for the environment, solar panels come with a myriad of other benefits such as:

  • Cost-savings – Switching to solar may immediately reduce your monthly electric bill, and with a 25-year lifespan, can pay for themselves many times over!
  • Easy installation – Our solar professionals have installation down to a science and can mount solar panels on most roof styles or install a ground-mounted system. Mounting hardware and location may vary from material to material and the scope of the project. The experts at StraightUp Solar handle this process for you from design to installation to helping schedule your energization day!
  • Low maintenance – Solar panels require little to no maintenance, and are one of the least stressful options for powering a home or business thanks to their “set it & forget it” nature. In the event of any issues, our full-time service department is ready to assist.
  • Cost-effective – With more and more people switching to solar, solar panels have never been more affordable. The rapidly evolving technology has consistently helped panels become more efficient and decrease in price.

Missouri Tax Credits & Incentives

In addition to being an eco-friendly energy resource that helps you save money each month by lowering your electric bill, solar panels are eligible for a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which applies to all residential solar panels purchased and installed before December 31, 2022.

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Missouri Solar Rebates

Missouri utility companies, such as Ameren Missouri, Columbia Water & Light, Evergy, and Liberty Utilities – Empire District provide a number of rebates for qualifying solar panel systems. Depending on the size of the system, rebates for homeowners typically range between $0.25 – $0.63 per watt.


Missouri Net Metering

With solar panels, the benefits just keep coming! Net metering lets you save even more money off any excess solar electricity your panels produce. How does it work? Well, your excess power is sent to your utility grid, which your utility company then uses. That excess energy amount is credited to your account! Net metering is offered to all solar panel owners with systems that do not exceed 100 kilowatts in size.

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Why Choose StraightUp Solar for Your Solar Panel Installation?

If you are ready to make the switch to solar and are looking for a reliable, trustworthy Missouri solar installer, StraightUp Solar is a leading provider of solar systems with quality products from top brands. Our team has more than a decade of experience in providing residential and commercial solar panel installation services to residents and business owners in Missouri and Illinois, and to date, StraightUp Solar has installed over 1,700 solar panel systems.

Our solar systems are backed by a ten-year workmanship and production warranty because we take pride in our work. Our customers deserve the best when they choose us as their full-service, turn-key solar EPC and installation provider.

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Missouri Service Area

StraightUp Solar is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a leading provider of residential and commercial solar installation including—but not limited to—the following areas:

  • St. Louis City & County
  • St. Charles County
  • Washington
  • Columbia
  • Rolla

If you are looking for a local solar installer, or still have questions about whether solar is the right option for you, reach out to StraightUp Solar today for all of your solar needs.