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Solar Installation Company in
St. Louis, MO

We believe in empowering our St. Louis area neighbors to take control of their energy with clean solar options. Solar energy is more affordable than ever – the cost to garner clean, sustainable energy has dropped over 80% in the last decade. Plus, federal and utility incentives offer additional savings. Now is the perfect time to make the switch with the help of an experienced solar installation company in St. Louis, MO!

StraightUp Solar’s team of licensed and experienced professionals has installed more than 2,800 solar panel arrays under the same ownership for over a decade. Our experts manage all aspects of your residential or commercial solar installation project in St. Louis, MO, from design to build to maintenance. 

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Residential Solar in
St. Louis City & County

A solar PV (photovoltaic) system is a unified network of equipment that powers your home with clean and sustainable energy. The solar array – a connected set of panels – collects the sun’s energy during the day. Then, an inverter transforms the accumulated energy into ready-to-use electricity to power appliances, air conditioning, and more.

Any excess energy goes to the local power grid, and the utility company gives you a credit to use during the night – a process called net metering. You can track your system’s production and efficiency online anytime.

View our interactive graphic below to see each step of the process in real time.

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar can work for your home.


1. Solar Array

The sun's rays hit your solar panels and generate
direct current electricity


2. Inverter

An inverter changes this direct current electricity
to alternating current and it's ready for use in
your home


3. Excess Solar Electricity

Anytime you produce more than you use, the
excess is shared with your utility


4. Net Metering Credits

In exchange, your utility gives you a credit to use
when the sun is down


5. Monitoring

You can even go online to track your solar
energy production

St. Louis City & County
Residential Solar Benefits 


When you own your home’s energy source, you lock in that portion of your energy use and protect yourself against ever-rising utility bills.


You can store your clean energy for later use through our battery options. When the power grid goes down, your home does not. Consider pairing your solar + battery solution with a smart panel for total energy control. You can also rest assured knowing that if something does happen, our full-time service department has your back.

Increased Home Value

Solar installation projects are now viewed similarly to home renovations, like kitchen or bathroom upgrades. Recent studies have also shown that homes with solar sell for a higher value than traditionally-powered houses. StraightUp Solar’s special partnership with Pearl ensures that homeowners can demonstrate the value of their solar investment.

Environmental Awareness

When you choose renewable energy like solar, you’re helping reduce our society’s dependence on finite fossil fuels. Remember, the sun’s energy is natural, clean and all around us.

Is My Home Good for Solar?

Our handy two-minute quiz asks a series of questions to help you determine whether your home is a good fit for solar. Everyone’s situation is different, and we appreciate the opportunity to learn about your unique interest in solar!

Commercial Solar Installation in 
St. Louis

Solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors span various customer types, sizes, and designs. Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, school, farm, or government office, our commercial solar installers in St. Louis, MO, can create a custom solution for you.

Commercial solar systems can generate energy from the sun for immediate use for your building operations. This power, called distributed generation, connects to your building’s electrical system and can offset electricity pulled from the utility grid. Our commercial solar systems in St. Louis are tied to the utility grid, ensuring safe and seamless electrical use throughout your business.

Check out our interactive graphic below to see how commercial solar can work for you!

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar can work for your commercial or industrial business.


1. Solar Array

Your business’ solar panels use the sun’s energy
to produce direct current (DC) electricity


2. Inverter & AC Panel

The inverter converts the DC electricity to alternating
current (AC) electricity and sends it to your standard AC
electrical panel.


3. Utility Meter

Solar electricity used by your business is electricity you do
not purchase from the utility grid.


4. Electric Grid

Your solar system works in coordination with the utility
grid. Any demand that is not met by your solar array
is supplied by the grid. Any excess solar electricity that
is not used at your facility will be sent to the grid.


5. Monitoring

Track your system’s production using an online
monitoring portal which is linked directly from your

Commercial Solar in St. Louis 

St. Louis, MO, business owners can reap numerous benefits from switching to solar, including:


Owning your company’s power source lets you lock in energy generation and helps you become less exposed to rising utility rates. You can use the money you save to grow your business and boost cash flow.


Annual savings make solar a low-risk investment with a significant ROI. A low, essentially fixed electricity rate for the 25+ year lifespan of your array, a manufacturer’s warranty on panels, and operations & maintenance options from our service team protect your investment.


Your company’s investment in a solar system is also an investment in our planet’s future. When you switch to solar, you send a message to employees, potential customers, investors, and the community that you take renewable energy sources seriously. You can also further your corporate leadership by installing EV charging stations.

How Much Can You Save With Solar?

Take our business quiz to see how much you can save with solar!

Solar Incentives for
Missouri Home & Business Owners

Our solar installation company in St. Louis City and County strives to help you save. Several residential and commercial incentives are available to make solar more affordable for you. For instance, Missouri homeowners can save up to 35% on their solar projects. 

Other incentives and rebates include the following:

Whether you choose to finance through the Clean Energy Credit Union, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan, or your home equity line of credit, there are several ways to save with solar!

Make the Switch With Our

St. Louis Solar Installation Company

StraightUp Solar boasts more than 17 years of experience in the solar industry, a trusted track record few other companies can match. We are a turn-key design, build, and service solar installer here to help with your energy solutions. We are passionate about the clean energy transition. Several members of our professional team power their homes with solar and can share the benefits of sustainable energy firsthand. Our solar installation company in St. Louis, MO, is on a mission to help you join the growth in solar in your community. Request a free quote today to get started!

Why Choose Our
Solar Installation Company in
St. Louis?

StraightUp Solar is the top solar installation company in St. Louis, MO. Our team guarantees upfront and transparent cost-benefit analysis and financing plans that make solar work for you. Our custom designs reflect your goals, needs, wants, and constraints, giving you the information needed to make a sound, educated decision.

We are a fully licensed and insured solar firm in St. Louis, MO, with a dedicated electrician, North American Board of Certified Energy (NABCEP)-certified technicians, and installers committed to excellence. 

We are also a Certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp). StraightUp Solar first became a Certified B Corp in 2015. Unique in the business world, B Corps commit to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Driven by our CLEARE values, StraightUp Solar is your partner from initial design to ongoing service and maintenance. When you choose us, you’ll receive a team that prioritizes People and Planet.