Smart Panels

Control your home’s energy at your fingertips. A smart panel replaces a standard electrical panel in your home and syncs with an easy-to-use app for greater control of your energy loads. It works best when combined as a total Solar + SPAN + Battery Storage solution. This powerful combo allows for greater efficiency for your home and for your daily life. Our residential solar installers can get you started on a custom solution for your home.

About SPAN

Solar + SPAN + Battery Storage Gives You Total Control

  • Best combination for outage protection
  • Real time control and updates of your solar PV system
  • Manage your energy loads to minimize energy consumption
  • Use your stored solar power at night to minimize grid usage
  • Eliminate the need for a separate load panel

SPAN Improves Battery Storage Performance

  • Enables access to more home loads during an outage
  • Adds flexibility to make changes to backup during an outage
  • Sheds non-essential loads automatically
  • Makes it easy to understand information on battery time remaining
  • Improves battery life compared to non-SPAN connections

SPAN Panels and the Solar Home


Total Control Over Your Energy

With SPAN, you can select specific circuits to receive power from your battery from the phone. The SPAN Display app shows how your home is generating and storing energy and consumption by individual circuits.

Prepare for the Future

SPAN modernizes your electrical panel to be ready for future upgrades such as an EV charger.

Get Started with Solar + SPAN + Storage

We can provide a quote customized to the unique energy needs of your home and family. Reach out to get started.

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