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Get Paid For
Solar Referrals

Get paid for referrals through our solar referral program. If you recommend StraightUp Solar to someone who then installs with us, we will thank you with $500 after their new system is installed (or $10 per kW for large commercial systems over 50kW, refer a business here). Be sure to tell them to mention your name because we want to thank you!

We love that you’re excited about the difference your solar power system is making in your home. When it motivates you to tell your friends, we call that “Sharing Your Solar Smile” and it makes us smile, too!

Maximize Your Solar System's Value

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of having solar panels, you can share what you’ve learned! Every chance you get to talk about your system can lead to a $500 referral fee that recovers a portion of your system’s cost.

A Chance To Share Your Ideas

You installed your solar power system for a reason. Will you share your reason for going solar with your friends and family? One of the best ways to bring about meaningful change, other than going solar, is to invite other people to join your quest for clean energy. You make a real difference with every new system!

What If You Don’t Have A Solar Panel System?

There may be a great reason why you don’t have your own system: too much shade on your property, you live in an apartment, etc. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your solar smile! Sharing your passion for solar with your friends is a great way to put your interest in solar to use, support sustainable energy, and get paid all at the same time.

Practical Ways to Share Your Solar Smile:

  • Mention StraightUp Solar via social media – publish a Facebook or Instagram post, send a tweet, or post a video about solar energy. Be sure to tag @straightupsolar so we know you’re sharing the love!
  • If you have a solar energy system already installed, host an open house with us! It’s a great way to have fun, talk about your system, and share your perspective. We’ll help you to arrange for it.

Already Know Someone Who’s Interested?

Share your friend’s information here so we can start a conversation with them. We’re ready to give them the best possible information so they can benefit from solar energy just like you!

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