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Solar Panel Warranties
Missouri & Illinois

One of the wonders of solar power is its ability to produce clean, reliable energy for more than 25 years. There is comfort in knowing that you’ve made a smart investment that can pay for itself and produce clean energy into the next generation.

StraightUp Solar guarantees and solar panel warranties for Missouri & Illinois homeowners protect your investment, giving you peace of mind. Our experienced team of local solar professionals has installed over 2,800 solar arrays under the same ownership since 2006. We manage every step of your project, from design to build to maintenance and beyond. We’re in it for the long haul.

Solar Panel Warranties for Residential

The two major components of a solar PV system are the modules and the inverter. Both technologies come with long-term manufacturers warranties and backed by StraightUp Solar’s 10-year workmanship warranty and 10-year production guarantee.

StraightUp Solar offers:

Our Full-time Service Team has You Covered

Beyond our warranties, we have a dedicated in-house Service department. Our experts are well qualified to keep your solar array up and running for the 25+ year lifespan on your system.


10-Year Workmanship Guarantee

If anything goes wrong as a result of our workmanship in the first 10 years of the system’s life, we will fix the problem at no cost to the customer. 

10-Year Energy Sunrise to Sunset Energy Production Guarantee

We stand by our system design calculations. If your system’s energy production falls below 85% of our proposed estimate, we will either repair or upgrade the system, or reimburse you for the retail value of the missing production. While we can’t predict the weather, we guarantee that if your system production falls significantly, we will rectify the situation.

How it Works

Understanding how solar works can help you think about manufacturer’s warranties for the parts that make up your array. Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how solar works for your home.


1. Solar Array

The sun's rays hit your solar panels and generate
direct current electricity


2. Inverter

An inverter changes this direct current electricity
to alternating current and it's ready for use in
your home


3. Excess Solar Electricity

Anytime you produce more than you use, the
excess is shared with your utility


4. Net Metering Credits

In exchange, your utility gives you a credit to use
when the sun is down


5. Monitoring

You can even go online to track your solar
energy production


Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels rest on your roof (or property for ground mounts) absorbing photons from the sun and releasing electrons to move through the modules to create electricity to your home. This reaction occurs with no moving parts and allows for a long life for your solar PV system. Based on in-field experience and rigorous manufacturer testing, you can be confident of these solar panels will perform well for decades.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels typically come with an industry standard 25-year warranty. This has significantly improved in recent years due to advances in panel technology. Every solar array we offer is Tier 1-rated for durability and efficiency. Solar panel selection is a part of our process to find the right fit based on the energy needs of your home. Our expert solar designers develop a system with consideration of the shade, heat, brightness, angle, direction, and other factors of your roof (or property for ground mounted systems) to ensure your system meets your desired energy goals.

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters–which connect your solar panels to your home–are a relatively simpler warranty discussion. While more complex than a solar panel because their electronics convert DC to AC electricity and sync with the grid, inverters still carry a relatively long warranty. For most grid-tied inverters the minimum warranty is 10 years, with some as long as 25 years (more common with microinverters). Some manufacturers allow the purchase of an extended warranty, from 10 to 20 years.

When the inverter warranty is less than the panel warranty, StraightUp Solar includes the replacement cost in your solar estimate. That way you won’t have to worry about the cost later.

Make a Smart Investment in Solar

With manufacturers warranties combined with StraightUp Solar workmanship and production guarantees, you can rest assured knowing that your solar investment is secure. Our team has a proven track record for taking care of our customers. From engineering to procurement to installation and beyond, we can create a custom solar solution to lower your electricity bills and produce clean energy to improve the health of our communities.

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