Schools across Missouri and Illinois are switching to solar electricity. They recognize the power of solar to save money for what really matters to their organization… serving others. Solar for schools allows community and civic organizations to achieve long-term financial stability in service of amplifying their reach.

Solar Energy in

As new technologies are continuously being built into curriculum, schools are using more energy than ever. Rising utility rates are taking more and more funds away from facility updates, extracurricular programs, and more. However, adding solar to your energy portfolio can lock in low energy rates for your day-to-day operations.

At StraightUp Solar, our team of values-driven professionals has extensive industry experience, and will tap into their knowledge to recommend the best solution for your school. The time to reallocate your school’s budget is now – start your free quote today.

Solar Work for Schools

Solar Panels for Schools


Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of switching to solar is the savings. Schools rely on tight budgets that seem to get smaller every year, so the distribution of funds is highly important. Solar is a great use of federal relief funds or local capital campaigns, because an initial investment in solar can bring long-term energy savings for the school, meaning more money available for educational efforts.

Although schools cannot capture the advantages of the federal investment tax credit due to their nonprofit status, they may leverage Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or third-party financing. Only schools in Illinois can engage in a PPA. Through a PPA, the school would entrust a solar company, such as StraightUp Solar, to finance, build, own, and maintain the system on-site. In return, the solar company would sell the sun-generated electricity to the school at a fixed and reduced rate that’s typically a significant discount compared to current energy prices.

For Missouri schools, StraightUp Solar has partnered with financial institutions that can offer a fixed monthly payment equal to their energy budget with no upfront investments. Our project developers will work with school leaders to design a system that meets their budget.

Making the switch to solar can create noteworthy savings for schools. The money saved can be redistributed to areas such as renovations, extracurricular activities, updated textbooks, new technologies, and more. What can your school accomplish with the money saved from solar?


A city’s public school system lays the foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. An investment in solar not only serves as a source of clean energy harvested from the Sun, but it also demonstrates a positive example for both the students and the community at large. In addition, when schools utilize on-site renewable energy, their dependence on fossil fuels is greatly reduced.

Administrators aren’t the only group benefiting from solar; students also experience firsthand the advantages that sustainable energy provides. For example, schools operating on solar energy can integrate the process and benefits into various lessons, such as in mathematics and science courses. The addition of a solar production monitoring station on campus allows students to have access to real time data on how the array is performing. This can be a valuable learning tool. The children will therefore gain knowledge about clean energy that may not be available to those attending schools without solar. StraightUp Solar even provides on site presentations to educate students and the community about the benefits of solar energy. Contact our solar installation company in Missouri and Illinois today to schedule a presentation at your school!

Suitable Locations

Schools typically contain flat roofs that are perfect for solar arrays. Whether they are ballasted or attached directly, the arrays will capture sunlight and turn it into clean electricity. Expansive parking lots are another suitable location for solar systems. Carport arrays also garner the sun’s energy and transform it to usable power while providing shade for the vehicles underneath.


How much money will solar power add to YOUR bottom line?

The cost of solar energy has dropped over 80% during the last decade. State and federal incentives can put some of the purchase price right back in your pocket. This means regular working families now go solar every day. Moreover, StraightUp Solar offers financing options that make it even easier.

How it Works

Use our interactive graphic to learn more about how power purchase agreements can work for you.


1. Design & Contract

 StraightUp Solar provides a customized Solar
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Proposal for
your organization. Your organization then signs
a PPA with our Third Party Investor who provides
the financing for your solar project.


2. Build

The Third Party Investor finances the project
and arranges for StraightUp Solar to install the
solar array and provide maintenance. The Investor
receives all financial incentives associated with
the project including the tax credits.


3. Produce Solar Power

Your array produces solar electricity for the
grid to be consumed as needed.


4. Reap Solar Savings

In return, your organization pays the Investor
a fee for the solar electricity at a lower cost per
KWh than grid electricity.

Why Choose
StraightUp Solar?

Since 2006, StraightUp Solar has installed over 2,800 residential and commercial solar projects. We handle all aspects of your solar solution, including design-to-build, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, installation, operation, and maintenance, so you can focus on educating the leaders of tomorrow. Our industry-leading 10-year workmanship and production warranties set our commercial solar installers apart from the rest.

We also apply our CLEARE values to every service we offer. With education as one of our values it’s our goal to ensure each customer considering solar has all the information they need to make an informed decision. We know that switching to solar can be a large transition, so we strive to make it as simple as possible. That’s why we provide a variety of resources, and we’re available to answer all questions.

As a Certified B corporation, we are dedicated to high environmental performance and transparency. In addition, StraightUp Solar is a proud member of Amicus Solar, a network of more than 40 locally owned, quality-driven, and clean energy-committed solar installers across the nation. Each member shares lessons learned, best practices, and more, so we’re always striving to improve. Our goal is to ensure your solar arrays work for you.

B Corp

StraightUp Solar first became Certified as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp) in 2015. Unique in the business world, B Corps commit to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

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When you choose StraightUp Solar for your school’s solar project, you’ll receive a team of local professionals that have 15 years of industry experience. We handle every part of your project through our proven strategies, and we’re always looking to refine them so that each client receives the best service possible. Investing in solar for your school is also investing in students’ education, both now and in the future. Request a quote today to get started.

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