Celebrating B Corp Month


March is BCorp month. Being a B Corporation means we operate with a triple bottom line directive. While we recognize that profits are important, we cannot profit without taking care of our people and our planet first. StraightUp Solar’s mission is to inspire a solar tribe to create a sustainable world, and we recognize that social sustainability and environmental sustainability are just as important as financial sustainability.


To be certified as a B Corporation, a company’s operations, policies and procedures are verified by B Labs, a non-profit organization who administers the B Impact Assessment. ,  StraightUp Solar has met the standards of verified social and environmental performance, legal accountability, and public transparency. 


Best for the World Environment Certification


StraightUp Solar is very proud to have been selected as one of the B Corp Best For the Environment 2018 Honorees. We scored in the top 10th percentile for the Environmental sustainability score amongst over 2,500 certified B Corps in over 50 countries. 


How did we meet these standards? Here are a few examples:



In 2020, we begin our recertification process. Our BCorp committee will respond to hundreds of questions related but not limited to our supply chain, benefits, governance, and community engagement.  As part of this process, we evaluate what worked well, and we look for improvement opportunities to become a better business for our community


We are proud to be part of the BCorp community, who uses their  business as a force for good. Together, we will make a better world for all of us.  To learn more about B Corporation, please visit bcorporation.net


Shine On!