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Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Services

We rest easier with a roof over our heads. But sometimes, that roof needs a repair or replacement. Rooftop solar panels protect your roof from the harsh elements: pounding rain, hail, snow, however, they can’t stop the normal aging of your roof. If you need solar panel removal and reinstallation services, reach out today. 

Roof Repairs & Solar:
Remove, Reinstall, & Re-energize

Updated February 20, 2024

Our comprehensive Service Team offers solar panel removal and reinstallation services daily. For short, we call it R&R. We reinstall solar arrays on asphalt shingles, flat membrane, and metal roofs. 

1. Remove

We detach the modules and racking from your roof and store it on site. The junction boxes and for the solar PV system remain in place while the new roof is installed. All racking attachments will be set on the same roof location.

2. Reinstall

When the roof is done, we return to your home to reinstall the racking, modules and connect all the wiring.

3. Re-energize

We re-energize your system and test your system to ensure it is operating properly. Voila! Your solar panels are up and running once again.

Solar Panel Removal and Replacement Services | StraightUp Solar

What Happens When I Need a New Roof?

Hear from Andrew M., StraightUp Solar’s Remove and Replace Manager as he explains our process in this short video.

“After the company I bought my 14 KW system went out of business I looked up who owned the cellular meter that had stopped working. I was told they don’t deal with individuals just companies. I was searching for someone who could help me. The third company I contacted was StraightUp Solar. Within a couple of weeks their Tech set me up with a web-based portal that doesn’t rely on our spotty cell service. They will be my go-to solar company from now on.”

Russ M.
Union, Missouri Homeowner

Solar Panel Removal & Replacement FAQs

How Does Scheduling and Payment Work?

We will coordinate with your roofer on scheduling and your insurance company on payment. A solar panel’s productive lifespan exceeds 25 years, so even with a roof replacement, you will still have many years of solar energy production.  

Where Do I Begin?

Existing Customers

Before you begin your roofing project, existing StraightUp Solar customers should send us a picture of your roof. Your solar PV systems specifications and components are on file with us, and we can develop a remove and reinstall estimate very quickly.  If necessary, we can come out to your home to confirm all the equipment. 

New Customers 

For new StraightUp Solar customers, we perform an on-site technical inspection of your roof and solar PV system. We will examine the quality of the installation and replace any bad equipment or loose wiring during the re-installation.  

What Happens at Re-Installation?

Before we begin, we check the current system communications to identify any faults in the system. We will meet on-site with you to explain the re-installation process and the on-site storage of materials.  We will set up our safety protocols and begin mapping out the current system layout prior to deconstruction. A typical rebuilding of the array with existing components occurs within two weeks of the new roof. New flashing will be added to guarantee waterproofing, and we will replace any necessary materials. We ensure that your solar PV system works as originally designed and your home site is back to normal. 

Is Work Covered by Warranties?

Our removal and reinstallation work is backed by our 5-year workmanship warranty. 

Get Started

Whether it is an emergency roof repair or you’re contemplating a new roof, contact our Service Department to get your estimate for our solar panel removal and reinstall services.

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