Solar Panels and Hail? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered

[updated 6.29.2023]

Severe weather is no stranger to businesses and homeowners in Illinois and Missouri, and hail makes a frequent appearance during the summer months (learn about solar and seasonal change). We’ve got great news about solar panels and hail.

Solar Panels and Hail

Solar Panels Protect Your Roof from Hail Damage

Did you know that solar panels offer hail protection for your roof? Solar panels can withstand golf-ball sized hail traveling up to 50 miles per hour, protecting your shingles below. Damage to the panels themselves is something we rarely see.

However, your exposed roof shingles might not be as strong. Don’t worry, our Service Team can easily remove and reinstall your solar PV system to accommodate your hail repair project. We will coordinate with your roofer’s schedule and your insurance company on payment methods to get your solar PV system reinstalled and running.

Hail Damage Process for Existing Customers

Existing StraightUp Solar customers can send us the photos of the hail damage. Your solar PV systems specifications and components are in our database, so we can generate an estimate quickly. If necessary, we will come out to inspect your system. We have a large inventory of modules, so if hail has damaged one of your panels, we can easily replace and reinstall the panel. Get in touch with our service team now.

Hail Damage Process for New Customers

For new StraightUp Solar customers, we perform an on-site technical inspection of your roof and solar PV system. We examine the quality of the installation and replace any bad equipment or loose wiring during the reinstallation. Reach out for a hail damage quote.

Why Choose Us for Solar Panels and Hail Repair Work?

More than half our team is NABCEP-certified, a professional solar certification. Our experienced service team will remove the panels and racking from your roof and store it on site. When the roof is done, we will return to your home to reinstall the racking, panels and connect all the wiring. We will re-energize your system and test your system to ensure it is operating properly.

All this work on your panel removal and replacement is backed by our 5-year workmanship warranty. So don’t fret this summer when hail is in the forecast. StraightUp Solar Service Department has your home or business protected.

Need To Report Hail Damage?

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