Updated August 23, 2022

Powerful battery storage rebates are on the horizon! These can significantly reduce the cost of adding battery storage to your solar project if you are located in Ameren Illinois or ComEd utility service territory. Coupled with the new Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 restoring the 30% federal tax credit for battery storage, now is the perfect time to secure your own energy.

In this article, discover the latest news on the rebate. Our StraightUp Solar team is eagerly watching the development of this exciting new battery rebate and will update the post as more information becomes available. 

Who can take advantage of the battery storage rebate?

Illinois homeowners, businesses, or organizations located in Ameren Illinois or ComEd utility service territory are eligible.


How much can I save?

  • $300/kWh for Residential 
  • $250/kWh for Commercial

How does the battery storage rebate work?

The cash incentives are based on battery capacity in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and are available for both residential and commercial systems.  The rebates are cash incentives paid within 60 days after the system is given permission to operate.  StraightUp Solar will help you complete the rebate application.  

For example, the typical homeowner with a single Tesla PowerWall+ (about 13.5 kWh) can expect an estimated cash rebate around $4,000.


When will the Illinois battery rebate take affect?

Ameren Illinois customers are eligible right now! Any battery storage system installed after June 1, 2017 is eligible for this storage rebate in Ameren IL service territory. The application process will begin after January 7, 2023.

For ComEd customers, system eligibility is linked to the date the utility’s tariff takes effect. The application process will likely open after December 15, 2022. 


What does this mean if I already have a solar battery?

Ameren Illinois customers who installed a solar battery after June 1, 2017 can apply for the rebate when the application process opens in January 2023.

For ComEd customers, the battery system eligibility dates will soon be announced, with application processing likely to start in mid-December 2022.


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