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Illinois Municipal Solar Installation to Save Est. $1 Million over 25 Years

This Normal Township Activity & Recreation Center wanted a solar array to help offset the cost of their energy bills. StraightUp Solar customized a full solar solution, from design to permitting to build, that fit their needs. In addition, this is the first and largest Illinois Solar For All project in McLean County!

StraightUp Solar installed a 294 kW DC rooftop solar array to help this municipal building save an estimated $1,000,000 over the 25-year warrantied lifespan of the system. In year 1 it will offset an estimated 90% of their annual energy usage. The amount they will pay for that energy is estimated to be 65% less than what they would pay for that same energy from the utility.

Aside from the savings, this large system will bring hefty environmental offsets to the Illinois region over the next 25 years, offsetting 6,613 Metric Tons of CO2. That’s equivalent to more than 7 million pounds of coal burned, or nearly 1,430 passenger vehicles driven for a year, or the annual electricity use of 1,120 homes, or annual carbon sequestered by over 8,600 acres of US forests!

If you’re ready to bring energy savings to your Illinois or Missouri business, reach out for a free, custom quote from StraightUp Solar or call us at (844) 97-SOLAR.