Empire Electric Solar Rebate Ruling: Low Cost Solar in SW Missouri

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Empire Electric Solar Rebate: Finally after several years of battling to get Empire customers their legally required solar rebates, the Supreme Court has ruled that Empire Electric must begin paying solar rebates as required by a 2008 state-wide ballot initiative.  Prop C – the Clean Energy Initiative, passed with 66% Missourian support. If you live […]

December 2012- StraightUp Installs Solar on 5 Mehlville Schools in 5 weeks

StraightUp Solar has completed installing solar panels on the roof of five schools in the Mehlville school district. The Mehlville School Board approved a 20-year lease agreement for the five arrays. This means that StraightUp installs and maintains the systems, but Mehlville benefits from lower energy bills. Without any out-of-pocket expenses, Mehlville begins saving money on their electric bill […]

UBS Analysts: ‘Large-Scale Power Stations Could Be on a Path to Extinction’

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Leading investment bank UBS says the payback time for unsubsidized investment in electric vehicles paired with rooftop solar and battery storage will be as low as six to eight years by 2020, potentially triggering a massive shift in the energy industry. “It’s time to join the revolution,” UBS wrote in a note to clients, in […]

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WHY SOLAR? WHY NOW? Solar in effect, let’s you “own” your utilities, instead of the utility “owning” you.  You may have noticed more and more neighbors and businesses installing solar panels on their rooftops. The number one reason people choose solar power for their home or business is that it saves them money. This is […]

StraightUp Solar Supports National/International Advocacy

StraightUp Supports These Organizations We previously shared local organizations that we support. As we mentioned before, we love being part of a growing a solar industry and supporting other “believers” in the renewable / environmental community. Here are three organizations that are advocates for the solar community on a national / global level. We’re proud […]

MOSEIA Responds to Utility Efforts

For Immediate Release Contact Heidi Schoen (314) 677-4076 July 12, 2013     MISSOURI SOLAR ENERGY INDUSTRY CONCERNED ABOUT UTILITY EFFORT TO HINDER FUTURE USE OF SOLAR RESOURCES IN MISSOURI Later today, the Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association (MOSEIA) is expected to file its response to KCP&L’s Missouri Public Service Commission filings where KCP&L claimed […]

We Powered This School with Solar

Thanks to your generous donation, Muleke Community School has been able to light their school’s two classrooms with clean safe solar power. Everyone at the school is thrilled with the solar lights and all the benefits they are bringing to the students, the staff and the wider community. Muleke School in Zambia is located 120 […]

Legislation Secures MO Solar-Energy Future

Contact: Heidi Schoen 314.677.4076 HeidiSchoen@moseia.com LEGISLATION SECURES MISSOURI SOLAR-ENERGY FUTURE St. Louis and Kansas City, Mo. – The Missouri Legislature passed the Solar Protection Action (House Bill 142), and it awaits the Governor’s signature. The bill, among other things, steps down the $2 per watt solar rebate gradually through 2020, providing certainty to the growing […]


  New in 2013: For every installation StraightUp completes, we donate a solar light for Africa via Solar-Aid.org. Only 14% of people in rural sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity. Solar Aid works to power  homes, schools and health clinics with clean and affordable light from the sun. Solar lights increase a family’s income by 20%, cut carbon emissions, and improve […]

Defend our Renewable Portfolio Standard

A coalition of conservative state legislators is trying to reverse decades of progress for solar. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) seeks to tear down state renewable energy mandates across the country. This should be a rallying cry for solar.Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) require utilities to incorporate a fraction of clean energy, like solar, into the […]