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The solar industry has been abuzz about the recent release of the final draft of the Clean Power Plan which will reduce carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy.

Overall, StraightUp Solar has installed and are operating over 5.6 MW of solar since 2006 which is already saving 14,000,000 lbs of CO2 emissions per year!

However, did you know that Missouri is ranked 45th among states in terms of reducing carbon emissions?

Let’s change that and commit to a clean and renewable energy future!

Per the EIA, in May of this year coal provided 4,382 GWh of our state’s electricity (“other renewables” were only 94 GWh).

If we were to satisfy our 35% CPP CO2 reduction mandate by replacing coal with solar GWh-for-GWh, we’ll need to install approximately 46 million solar modules over the next 15 years (4,382,000 MWh * .35 /  0.1 MWh/KWDC/month * 3 modules/KWDC = 46,011,000).

If we were to solely meet that target by replacing coal  with solar electricity we’ll need to install around 45 million solar panels over the next 15 years.  That’s A LOT of local jobs and business/tax revenue for Missourians. Let’s go!

Watch this video to see how StraightUp Solar continues to perform in a growing industry and the benefits both economically and environmentally of committing to solar energy.