Empire Electric Solar Rebate:

Finally after several years of battling to get Empire customers their legally required solar rebates, the Supreme Court has ruled that Empire Electric must begin paying solar rebates as required by a 2008 state-wide ballot initiative.  Prop C – the Clean Energy Initiative, passed with 66% Missourian support.

If you live in Southwest Missouri near cities such as Joplin, Branson, Springfield, or Webb City you should take advantage of this excellent rebate program and purchase solar panels for your home or business.

How Much do Solar Panels Cost?

Empire will soon offer the $1.00 per Watt solar rebate.  When combined with the 30% federal tax credit, your solar panel installation will be reduced by approximately 60%. Call us today and we can help you get affordable energy for your home or business.

We recommend customers take action immediately to ensure they get their solar rebate.  The process is simple:  StraightUp Solar completes an on-site to understand your solar goals and to access your home’s solar potential.  Then, we produce a bid, you sign a contract contingent on receiving the solar rebate, submit your application to Empire.  Once your rebate is secured, StraightUp Solar will take care of all the design, permitting, utility paperwork, and installation.

More on the Court’s Solar Ruling:

In a 5-2 decision back in February the Missouri Supreme Court ruled against the Empire Electric territory and the ruling became final this week. The Court found the Missouri state legislature improperly preempted the people’s will by exempting the Empire District Electric from the ballot measure. They explained that “the legislature could not preemptively negate the effect of the initiative before it had even been voted on by the people and make the people’s later vote a meaningless act…”

We at StraightUp Solar are excited to help our Empire Electric customers in Southwest Missouri go solar. At last, you will have the same economic benefits and affordable solar as the rest of the state. If you are looking for a solar power system or solar design, StraightUp Solar is the largest and longest-running solar installation company in Missouri.  Give us a call at 844-97- SOLAR and we will help you reach your solar goals.