As we survey the past year this holiday season, we feel prouder than ever that the StraightUp Solar Tribe provides a real solution to climate change.

What a whirlwind year we’ve had! Just within the last month we have observed two landmark events in the fight against environmental degradation. After two weeks of negotiations, the COP21 global climate agreement was reached on the evening of December 12th. Leaders of nearly 200 countries signed on to control carbon emissions within their borders and effectively announced that the time of fossil fuels will soon come to an end. Then our own U.S. Congress passed an unprecedented extension of valuable tax credits for solar energy and ensured an affordable path to solar electricity for many more homeowners & businesses.

It has become clear that the national and global community are in agreement that we must take action to protect our environment and to ensure a robust energy supply for the future, with solar energy leading the charge. There are currently at least 24.1 Gigawatts (GW) of solar electric capacity installed in the United States, according to SEIA. StraightUp Solar installations alone now contribute to an annual fossil fuel offset equivalent to 5 Million lbs of coal and 11 Million vehicle miles as a result of our cumulative 6 Megawatts of solar power.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made the decision to go solar with us throughout the past 9 years and helped us inspire a solar tribe to create a sustainable world. If you have solar & you’d like to help inspire others, take a moment and share this message with a friend who would benefit from saving with solar energy. If you’re still considering solar, contact us today for a new or updated solar proposal with all the latest incentives & cost savings.

Go Solar, be a part of the solution! We wish a happy, healthy, & prosperous Solar New Year to you all in 2016.