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StraightUp Solar has completed installing solar panels on the roof of five schools in the Mehlville school district. The Mehlville School Board approved a 20-year lease agreement for the five arrays.

This means that StraightUp installs and maintains the systems, but Mehlville benefits from lower energy bills. Without any out-of-pocket expenses, Mehlville begins saving money on their electric bill immediately.

“By realizing an estimated $130,000 in energy savings over the next 20 years, we’re not only being good stewards of our taxpayers’ dollars, but good stewards of our environment too,” said Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost.

Each of the five systems consist of 104 U.S. made panels and will prevent the consumption of 3.3 million pounds of coal over the 20-year lease.

In addition to the cost savings and cleaner air, StraightUp Solar has set up a kiosk in each of the five buildings where students and teachers can track the electricity production and the environmental offsets of the solar panels.  Plus, the web-based monitoring gives our clients peace of mind that the system is producing each day as expected.

The price of solar panels has dropped dramatically just as electric rates in Ameren Missouri territory have risen 25% in the last five years.

More and more people are realizing that solar is a great investment which has substantial financial benefits. StraightUp has seen a rapid uptick in the number of people pursuing solar for their homes, businesses, schools, and churches.

In honor of the new solar installation, StraightUp Solar and Mehlville students are raising money for SolarAid, a non-profit working to bring solar energy to school children and individuals in rural Kenya and Tanzania that do not have access to electricity.

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