Generac Solar Battery

Pairing a Generac PWRcell battery with your solar array can help protect you against power outages and the rising costs of energy. It enables you to self-consume more energy from your solar array.

Generac PWRcell is one of several solar + storage options that StraightUp Solar is certified to install. Our solar experts provide custom storage solutions to fit the energy needs of each homeowner, whether you’re powering up a few appliances or want a whole home backup. 

StraightUp Solar is a Certified Installer for Generac PWRcell.

Why Choose a Generac Solar Battery?

Generac, a leader in backup power systems for 60 years, offers the PWRCell Energy Storage System. An entry-level battery backup for solar PV owners, PWRCell seamlessly provides up to 8.6kWh of storage capacity and 3.4kW of continuous power output with a load management system to send power to your most critical appliances.

Customizable Options

The PWRcell’s modular design allows you to expand your storage capacity as your power needs evolve. Expand from 3 to 6 Lithium Ion batteries within the same cabinet and secure 17.1kWh of storage and 6.7kW of output.

Generac PWRCells are Available Right Now

Whether you’re looking to add on to you existing solar array or want a whole solar + battery solution, StraightUp Solar can get you started with a custom assessment.

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A Closer Look at Generac Batteries

In this webinar recording, StraightUp Solar Project Developer Jake Hagedorn talks with James Watters of Generac Clean Energy Solutions about their line of batteries. Find out how batteries work, if batteries are right for you, and what makes Generac a great choice.


Generac PWRview App

Your home’s energy data and insights at your fingertips. Monitor your real-time battery usage and energy savings. View daily snapshots of your daily consumption, solar generation, and battery usage. Keep an eye on your energy spending with detailed bill tracking, forecasting, and history. This awareness can help you build consumption habits that can lower your energy bills.

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Right Battery for Your Home?

Battery Options

Every home has unique energy needs. Choosing the right storage solution for your home can be difficult. Your StraightUp Solar Project Developer will perform a custom assessment and can suggest the right solution for you. Currently, we offer Generac PWRcell, Enphase IQ Battery, and Tesla Powerwall. Whether you have solar already or are looking for a whole solar + battery solution, we’ve got you covered.


No matter which battery option you go with, you may be eligible for federal and utility incentives. When you pair a battery with a solar array, the battery and storage system is included in the value of the array for the credit calculation. In 2022, the federal Investment Tax Credit is 26% of the array’s cost (credit drops to 22% in 2023).

A new battery incentive will soon be available for Illinois homeowners with Ameren Illinois or ComEd utility. More details coming soon.

*Images from Generac, Tesla, and Enphase

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