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October 2015: Local Entrepreneurs Drive on Sunbeams!

kev blend

Our newest members of the Tribe, Kathy and Bill from St. Louis, are longtime conservationists and have sought out creative ways to reduce their environmental footprint. They enjoy spending time outdoors with family in the Mark Twain National Forest and have successfully experimented with sustainable building techniques by building Cob houses in Missouri and developing […]

September 2015: Energy Independence in Missouri

Solar Array Flag Photo

A new 9.9 kiloWatt (kW) solar energy array came online in eastern Missouri during the bright sunny days of summer this year and the proud owner, Steve, is happy to contribute his solar kilowatt hours (kWhs) to offset his home’s usage and traditional fossil fuel generation on the electric grid.  Our newest addition to the Solar […]

Empire Solar Rebate Empowers Southwest MO

empire gm

StraightUp Solar is proud to announce our newest members of the Solar Tribe in Southwest Missouri! All projects were designed and installed by a collaborative and experienced core team of solar energy experts. Since the formation of our company in 2006, StraightUp Solar has been committed to inspiring a solar tribe to create a sustainable […]

August 2015: Solar Made Sense to Energy Savvy Agribusiness

Rhodes 9.76 cattle

Larry Rhodes had a very practical reason for choosing solar energy to supplement the electrical usage at his farm in Central Illinois. “Solar proved to be a good investment from a business standpoint and I realized that it would positively impact my neighbors as well.” Larry’s solar journey began through conversations with his son abut wind energy, […]

July 2015: Wildwood Community Comes Together for Solar


After researching the logistics and prospects of harvesting solar energy to power his home for many years, Rich Ward of Wildwood made the decision to install a 7.83 kW roof mounted system on his newly purchased home.  Mr. Ward is both confident and excited that his system will reap the rewards of his research and […]

June 2015: Awesome Ground Mount Installation

empire gm

This 9.76 kW ground mount was installed in June near Neosho, Missouri.  Another proud StraightUp Solar customer took advantage of the Empire Electric rebate to provide their home with renewable energy for multiple decades and dramatically lower their electric bills over that time.  If your roof experiences shading or structural problems a ground mount like […]

May 2015: Imperial Residence Sees Immediate Impact of Solar Installation

Steele Photo

A 21.35 kW system installed in Imperial, Missouri has allowed local businessman Jeff Steele to join the StraightUp Solar Tribe.  The two rooftop arrays installed will accumulate a $126,191 savings over the estimated 25 year life of the system.  Jeff was influenced to install solar arrays after the successful installation of solar panels on the home of […]

Northwest R-I School District


“The Northwest School District began a partnership with StraightUp Solar several years ago when we began investigating the possibility of adding solar power.  During that time, StraightUp Solar assisted us in placing 25 kilowatt solar arrays on nine different buildings with no upfront costs to the District.  The strategy orchestrated by StraightUp Solar allows the […]

April 2015: StraightUp’s Own Joins the Tribe

shannon sunset

Shannon Fulton, StraightUp Solar’s Director of Business Development, is officially solar powered!  Last weekend, our elite SUS crew installed a ground mount array at her home in El Paso, Illinois.  Did you know that a third of SUS employees have solar on their homes, plus the SUS headquarters is solar-powered? Shannon, current and 3-time President […]

March 2015: Illinois Resident Offsets Entire Energy Bill!


StraightUp Solar recently installed a 4.3 kilowatt solar array on the Mullen Residence in Goodfield, IL (central Illinois outside of Bloomington).   Renee is thrilled by her system and says, “We just got our first bill from Corn Belt Energy. Our system offset our entire monthly usage and produced 61 kWh of extra electricity! We are so excited and […]