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Shannon Fulton, StraightUp Solar’s Director of Business Development, is officially solar powered!  Last weekend, our elite SUS crew installed a ground mount array at her home in El Paso, Illinois.  Did you know that a third of SUS employees have solar on their homes, plus the SUS headquarters is solar-powered?

Shannon, current and 3-time President of the Illinois Solar Energy Association, has been a member of the StraightUp Solar team for 2 years. During that time she has served in many capacities, including solar installer, designer, and business developer — all of which helped her decide which type of system was best for her family.

The 9.72 kW array featured time-saving ground-screw technology and an inverter designed to optimize energy output from each module utilizing maximum power point tracking.

“Having my own solar array has been a life-long dream, and I’m thrilled each time I look out my window,” says Shannon. “It’s beautiful and makes such financial sense.  I’m proud to be a member of this Solar Tribe and thoroughly enjoyed watching our team build the system from the ground up.”


Want to see our crew in action?  View the installations’s time-lapse video.