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“The Northwest School District began a partnership with StraightUp Solar several years ago when we began investigating the possibility of adding solar power.  During that time, StraightUp Solar assisted us in placing 25 kilowatt solar arrays on nine different buildings with no upfront costs to the District.  The strategy orchestrated by StraightUp Solar allows the District to enjoy the benefits of solar energy through savings off of the electric bill.  In addition, each system will save the District an average of $1,000 per site annually.


StraightUp Solar has also generously donated a 5 kilowatt Solar Canopy System for the Northwest High School Stadium to provide shade as well as power for our patrons.  The canopy is a nice addition that will provide shade while saving the District money by assisting in powering the concession stand there.


StraightUp is currently working on providing a solution for our 10th campus building to provide solar energy to offset electric costs.  Northwest is grateful for StraightUp’s commitment to providing cost effective green energy solutions for us now and in the future.”