Our newest members of the Tribe, Kathy and Bill from St. Louis, are longtime conservationists and have sought out creative ways to reduce their environmental footprint. They enjoy spending time outdoors with family in the Mark Twain National Forest and have successfully experimented with sustainable building techniques by building Cob houses in Missouri and developing countries.

Kathy and Bill also have an entrepreneurial streak and have an interest in promoting new technology married to age-old principles. They began a successful liqueur production company, Big O Liqueur whose flagship ginger liqueur is currently distributed across 4 states including Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, & Louisiana.


Kathy and Bill’s most recent interest in solar energy was sparked when they decided to acquire a Tesla for business purposes. It just so happened that their neighbor who installed a solar array several years ago offered to share their experience with solar and gave them StraightUp Solar as a resource to learn more.  Kathy and Bill’s prime motivation for going solar was to promote clean energy, although they found that driving an electric vehicle “fueled” by solar energy made financial sense as well. 


Kathy and Bill worked with StraightUp Solar’s Doug Munsch to select an 8.235 kilowatt solar array comprised of high performing LG Electronics 305 Watt solar modules and a SolarEdge SE7600 inverter. They were especially glad to find that they were working with someone as passionate about sustainability as themselves. The system they selected is predicted to save them $35,000 over its 25+ year lifetime. And now, their Tesla is driving on sunbeams!


Watch their installation time-lapse video to learn more about their installation & solar benefits!