February 2017: Vision Care Goes Solar

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Vision Care Associates, located in Swansea, Illinois, recently added 24.75 kilowatts (kW) of solar electric (PV) energy to the office of their well-regarded Optometry practice. StraightUp Solar is proud that Vision Care’s Dr. Michael Murphy, who also has solar at his home, chose to go with StraightUp’s full-service solar installation offering to meet the energy […]

October 2015: Local Entrepreneurs Drive on Sunbeams!

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Our newest members of the Tribe, Kathy and Bill from St. Louis, are longtime conservationists and have sought out creative ways to reduce their environmental footprint. They enjoy spending time outdoors with family in the Mark Twain National Forest and have successfully experimented with sustainable building techniques by building Cob houses in Missouri and developing […]

UBS Analysts: ‘Large-Scale Power Stations Could Be on a Path to Extinction’

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Leading investment bank UBS says the payback time for unsubsidized investment in electric vehicles paired with rooftop solar and battery storage will be as low as six to eight years by 2020, potentially triggering a massive shift in the energy industry. “It’s time to join the revolution,” UBS wrote in a note to clients, in […]

EV Facts

What You Need to Know About EV Chargers                                           Your Fuel Source 2014 WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Your Fuel Source 2013       Electric vehicles possess many advantages over internal combustion engine (ICE) cars:                 According to the DOE, electric cars […]

Sept 2012 – Driving on Sunlight

In September a client in the of St. Peters pursued a 4.9 kW SunPower system from StraightUp Solar just after we installed a 25 kW system on his house of worship, United Hebrew Congregation. The homeowner then purchased a Chevy Volt to be charged by the solar energy via a 240 watt charging station in […]