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Vision Care Associates, located in Swansea, Illinois, recently added 24.75 kilowatts (kW) of solar electric (PV) energy to the office of their well-regarded Optometry practice.

StraightUp Solar is proud that Vision Care’s Dr. Michael Murphy, who also has solar at his home, chose to go with StraightUp’s full-service solar installation offering to meet the energy needs of his eye care practice.

In fact, Vision Care Associates new solar array is expected to offset the entire electrical energy usage of Dr. Murphy’s office, producing 33.5 Megawatt-hours (MW-h) of solar electricity in the first year alone. 

In fact, visitors to Vision Care Associates can also charge their EVs using the free, on-site Level 2 chargers – Dr. Murphy is also the proud and very knowledgeable owner of a Chevy Volt. You can find Dr. Murphy’s EV charger on PlugShare!