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In September a client in the of St. Peters pursued a 4.9 kW SunPower system from StraightUp Solar just after we installed a 25 kW system on his house of worship, United Hebrew Congregation. The homeowner then purchased a Chevy Volt to be charged by the solar energy via a 240 watt charging station in his garage. Now, he enjoys a lower Ameren electric bill and has nearly eliminated trips to the gas station, too.

Before the Volt, the 20 solar panels mitigated about 90% of this electric bill. Now that he is also charging his car, the solar supplements about 70% of his bill.

He financed the solar system through the SunPower “12 month Same as Cash program.” The program requires no money down and zero percent financing for the first 12 months. This allows him to take advantage of the solar federal tax credit, Ameren solar rebate, and an entire years worth of energy savings before either paying off his system or financing it over the long term.

Using solar to charge electric cars is a clean way to decrease dependence on fossil fuels.