A new 9.9 kiloWatt (kW) solar energy array came online in eastern Missouri during the bright sunny days of summer this year and the proud owner, Steve, is happy to contribute his solar kilowatt hours (kWhs) to offset his home’s usage and traditional fossil fuel generation on the electric grid.  Our newest addition to the Solar Tribe had multiple reasons for going solar, shaped by his time in the United States Navy and his fascination with advanced technology. On renewable energy Steve recalls coming back to the US and realizing the amazing abundance in our country, and the potential that we have to harness new technology in order to lead the world in clean energy adoption.

Like many solar energy advocates, Steve is avidly aware of the impact of policy decisions on the continued deployment of both small and large-scale renewable energy onto the power grid.  He is a keen follower of state, national, and international news on energy markets and has followed the regional electric policy through Midwest Energy News, one of our favorite news sources here at the office.


Steve confesses that he loves to watch his system generate additional kWhs of clean energy each day just as he watches additional kWs and MegaWatts (MWs) of renewable energy come online in news stories around the globe. We are so glad to welcome his home solar array as one important contributor to the midwest’s clean energy supply!