After researching the logistics and prospects of harvesting solar energy to power his home for many years, Rich Ward of Wildwood made the decision to install a 7.83 kW roof mounted system on his newly purchased home.  Mr. Ward is both confident and excited that his system will reap the rewards of his research and commitment to renewable energy.  Ward had this to say about the financial prospects of his decision, “I’ve been interested in solar for 10 years, and this was the time to do it… Green is great, but it needs to make financial sense.  I think solar is smart and it’s the future.  It’s a way to reduce costs and save money over time.”

Initially Mr. Ward had to navigate a few restrictions put in place by his local government but coordination between fellow community members and StraightUp Solar allowed Mr. Ward’s array to be installed in a timely and efficient schedule. “Make sure you get an understanding of the laws and regulations so you are better able to represent yourself and your goals” Ward offered, “Speaking with another homeowner that went through something similar in a nearby city was very helpful.  In addition, as the process developed, others in the subdivision, who I didn’t know beforehand, came out to speak on my behalf.  It really helped to have support from the neighborhood and surrounding area, even people that I didn’t know that, as it turns out, were also considering solar for themselves.”

The vision upheld by Mr. Ward embodied the spirit and mission that StraightUp Solar would like to deliver to consumers across the region.  Not only did Ward inspire fellow community members to think about the environmental and financial impact of solar energy, he helped StraightUp Solar retain its commitment to impacting local municipalities through the multilateral mission of providing renewable energy to the masses.  “Each of us that does this, that goes solar, makes it easier for the next guy.  Again, it really helped that my neighbors, the ones that would see the panels directly, supported solar and my project.  I believe that solar is the future, that others and ourselves can shape and mold the future, but you can’t block the future.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves and we personally welcome and thank Mr. Ward and the Wildwood community for their shared commitment to the future of solar energy.

photo: Dane Glueck