StraightUp Solar is proud to announce our newest members of the Solar Tribe in Southwest Missouri! All projects were designed and installed by a collaborative and experienced core team of solar energy experts. Since the formation of our company in 2006, StraightUp Solar has been committed to inspiring a solar tribe to create a sustainable world.


When you want to be confident in your solar investment, go with StraightUp Solar. Everyone who chooses to join our solar tribe receives a 10-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year production guarantee – in addition to robust real-time monitoring. That is the best offer on the market.






A new family joins the tribe and a new solar dream becomes reality. We are so very happy to welcome the owners of this gorgeous 4.88 kilowatt (KW) array into the Solar Tribe.










This 17.88 KW solar array in the City of Springs, Carthage, Missouri was chosen by a couple who were interested in ensuring that their utility costs were kept well under control.








This beautiful 9.76 kilowatt solar array will offset over 137 tons of carbon emissions over it’s lifetime – not to mention saving the owners over $79K in electric bills!











The owners of this charming 7.28 kilowatt solar array will enjoy the solar savings for decades to come with over $59,000 in 25-year utility cost reduction expected.

Congratulations to them on this gorgeous home investment that promises to yield many additional environmental and social benefits for the future!





















This 15 KW solar array sure is a wonderful sight. The homeowner chose to install first one 9.76 KW array, and then a second 4.88 KW array right next to the original, which can be seen in the photo taken early in the morning in the bottom right photo.


Clark #2












And finally, we would like to shine the solar spotlight on several of our StraightUp Solar Installation, Electrical & Operations team members who were happy to pose for this awesome picture in front of this array after a hard day’s work. Thank you for always bringing the sunshine and doing it with efficiency and expertise!

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Project A and One Dierection