Inflation Reduction Act and Solar

Inflation Reduction Act and Solar Updated 7.25.2023 In August, 2022, President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, laying the foundation for future growth of solar energy in the United States. The new law helps transition American homes, businesses, nonprofits, and governments to clean energy generation with several incentives directed toward solar energy. […]

How Your School, Nonprofit, or Government Facility Can Go Solar with No Upfront Costs

School Group Pinckneyville

Many organizations, institutions, and businesses lack the upfront capital for a solar project, but they want to reduce their energy costs and achieve their sustainability goals. This can be a difficult hurdle. Power Purchase Agreements are a financing tool available for Illinois projects to overcome this barrier.   Through a Power Purchase Agreement, a third party financial investor owns an array that serves to offset […]

What is the Future of the Federal Solar Tax Credit Incentive?


What is the Future of the Federal Solar Tax Credit Incentive? You might have heard that the 30% Federal Tax Investment Credit is stepping down to 26% in 2020. What you may not have heard is that the Federal Tax Investment Credit will step down again in 2021, to 22%. Finally, in 2022 it will […]

PowerUp earthday365 – Collaborating Today for Tomorrow

Earth Day is April 22nd, and here at StraightUp Solar we celebrate Earth Day every day. This past year we increased our commitment to a better planet by partnering with earthday365 to PowerUp the organization and their mission to drawdown greenhouse gas emissions in the St. Louis region. For every homeowner or business that went […]

August 2017: YWCA of McLean County

For more than 100 years, Young Women’s Christian Association of McLean County (YWCA) has been a constant force in the lives of families in our Bloomington-Normal and McLean County community. The YWCA is once again leading by example by powering their building with clean solar energy, thereby reducing energy costs and committing to a cleaner environment. Going Solar at the YWCA would have been impossible without the benefit of […]

December 2014: New Northside Baptist Church

New Northside Baptist Church Photo

StraightUp Solar installed 100 solar panels at the New Northside Baptist Church and Community Center in North St. Louis. This is one of four religious institutions that went solar with SUS in 2014! To show our gratitude for the church joining the StraightUp Solar tribe, SUS donated a residential system to a randomly chosen congregation […]

Save $250 and Join the Zoo in Going Solar

The Solar Zoo Promotion We are just so excited to see the Zoo go solar that we want to be sure everyone can share in it. For a limited we will make a donation to the Zoo AND cut the cost of your array. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself, […]

Sept 2012 – Driving on Sunlight

In September a client in the of St. Peters pursued a 4.9 kW SunPower system from StraightUp Solar just after we installed a 25 kW system on his house of worship, United Hebrew Congregation. The homeowner then purchased a Chevy Volt to be charged by the solar energy via a 240 watt charging station in […]

August 2011 – BicycleWorks in St. Louis City

  Since its founding in 1988, Saint Louis BicycleWorks has provided more than 10,000 bikes to inner-city kids. StraightUp Solar installed a 25 kilowatt solar electric system in mid-August on the organization’s new office space in Soulard. The solar electricity generated by the 104 solar panels will offset the burning of 30,000 pounds of coal each year. […]