Earth Day is April 22nd, and here at StraightUp Solar we celebrate Earth Day every day. This past year we increased our commitment to a better planet by partnering with earthday365 to PowerUp the organization and their mission to drawdown greenhouse gas emissions in the St. Louis region. For every homeowner or business that went solar in the PowerUp program, we made a donation to earthday365.

Throughout 2018 and part of 2019 we co-hosted solar educational events at Green Dining Alliance restaurants and breweries throughout the St. Louis area. During these educational events we discussed national and local solar policies, initiatives and trends, and presented how homes and businesses can go solar. For folks interested in going solar, we provided them with a free site assessment.

Through PowerUp earthday365, 113.53 kW of solar was installed, resulting in 215,235 pounds of carbon dioxide annually prevented from entering the atmosphere.  We were also able to donate $5,000 to Earthday365 to support their amazing programs such as:

In addition, earthday365 supported The St. Louis Climate Summit in 2018, one of the largest climate conferences St. Louis has seen, which featured Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Carl Pope of the Sierra Club as keynote speakers.

Earthday365 works every day  with organizations, institutions, and individuals to encourage them to drawdown their emissions. We were excited to do our part by helping individuals and organizations go solar. And a more sustainable St. Louis region and earth is something we can all get excited about going solar.

Solar Fundraising - Power Up St. Louis Earth Day