Sheri and Ed L. “We were on the fence a little bit, just because of the cost. But as we looked further into it, it was like we cannot not do it. [StraightUp Solar] has been really good to answer all our questions, to give us the information we needed to look at, to give us things to […]

Greg T. “I come from a long line of coal miners, my brother even used to work at a coal mine. I would love to see these jobs converted over to alternative energy. I think this is a great opportunity for us as homeowners and business owners to gain control of our energy costs rather than […]

Virginia W. “There have been a lot of solar installers pop up, and I am not saying if they are good or bad, but you do not know. You have to go through discovery levels to find out how reputable they are. The education and reassurance the Solarize program offered helped us decide to go solar.” […]

Chris and Mark “The values of the company are values we really like. Everybody who has been associated with this clearly lives those values. So, we’re very impressed with the company, very glad to be related to it, and looking forward to being part of the tribe.” Chris K. & Mark A.Bloomington, Illinois Homeowners

Nathan C. “The installation process was wonderful. The folks that actually did the installation were of the utmost professional caliber. Any questions they had about the property or about the install they asked me first and sought approval. There’s no other solar installer that I would recommend other than StraightUp Solar.” Nathan C.Carbondale, Illinois Homeowner

Mike C.

“Straight Up Solar made the entire process of going Solar easy and painless. Everyone is great to work with, questions get answered very quickly, I have no complaints. My system has been operating for 2 full months and both electric bills have been zero net usage. I definitely recommend SUS!” Mike C.Downs, Illinois Homeowner

Matt N.

“We decided to go solar because it’s a win/win. We had just moved into a new house and asked ourselves “are there any investments we need to make sooner than later?” We just so happen to have a great roof and clearance, so it made lots of sense.” Matt N.Bloomington, Illinois Homeowner

Dianne F.

“Going solar couldn’t have been simpler. We discussed all of our options and received all the information we needed to make our decision. Straight Up Solar managed all of the permits, the site plan and the installation seamlessly. We are now paying our electric company a monthly fee for the meter and that’s it. I […]

John L, Mountain Top Motor Co.

“I have had the pleasure of working with StraightUp Solar for my commercial solar installation at Mountain Top Motor Co. I am very in-depth when it comes to interviewing companies to do business with. I asked a lot of hard questions and I wanted more information than your typical consumer. David at StraightUp Solar not […]

May 2013- Sunset Hills Resident Appreciates New Solar Array


Mr. Keifer has been one of our most vocal supporters and a pleasure to work with. We recently completed work on his 9.87 kW array of 42 Aleo modules. He has even taken advantage of our referral rebate program by enlisting several family members. Over the lifetime of his project it will offset the over $52,000 in costs […]