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StraightUp Solar + AGE Partnership

Jeff Haarman, Managing Partner of Affordable Gas & Electric (AGE), describes the successful partnership between AGE and StraightUp Solar to provide energy cost savings and renewable energy solutions for their clients. Fifty-one solar projects with 3.6MW of power have been built or contracted in the partnership’s first two years. Ross Rubenacker, Director of Solar Development, […]

Cara M. “I felt like the company was great at listening to our needs, working with us to figure out the best solution. I felt like they really cared…. I would 150% recommend StraightUp Solar.” “[Going solar] feels like we’re a part of something bigger. More and more people are thinking in this way. We have […]

Tom G, Mulberry Farms “When I’m not paying a huge electric bill to cool or heat my house, that gives me more money to invest back into the farm and soil upkeep, planting, maintenance of the facilities.” “The reason I went with StraightUp Solar was they were great to work with… They believe in what they’re doing. They’re […]

Julie D. “The installation process was so incredibly easy. I couldn’t believe when I was asking questions it seemed like every answer was, “we take care of that.” When the team got here they were amazing… The people that were doing the job believed in what they were doing… Working with this company was just really […]

Kristopher K. “I think solar is a good choice for farmers because it allows us to control something that’s going to happen in the future. As we see energy prices rise, we can put up a solar array on our farm, use the sunlight, use our land, and ultimately have a reduced electricity bill going into […]

Jenn D. “I am so excited about today’s installation. I have been waiting for this for years, and I have been walking on sunshine all day long… Grow Solar taught me that there are incentives and there are rebates and also there are ways to finance that can make it really affordable for normal people.” Jenn […]

Robert M. “Perhaps the biggest reason to be involved with solar energy overall is my belief in at least trying to lead an ethical lifestyle. Now that I’m retired…” “The actual installation process went very well. I was very impressed by how they used a checklist system… so I always knew the process along the way… […]

Andy C, St. Louis Life “There were a couple of reasons why we chose StraightUp Solar… First of all, we liked the people. They were incredibly helpful, very informative of the process, very patient as we went through our bidding process. Number two, they were local. Third… the price was very competitive in comparison with other vendors.” Andy C.St. […]

Dale R. “We got the solar array installed in November of 2015. In the five years we have had our solar we have saved approximately $5,500 on our electric bills.” Dale R.Carbondale, Illinois Homeowner

Rainer G. “The people at StraightUp [Solar] have made each and every step in this process so easy and stress free for us. We can honestly recommend StraightUp Solar to anyone who considers going solar.” Rainer G.Normal, Illinois Homeowner