Why Solar For Schools, Hospitals, Government Institutions

Nonprofits like schools, hospitals, firehouses, houses of worship, and community centers, along with  government entities across Missouri and Illinois are switching to solar electricity. Nonprofits and local governments recognize the power of solar to save money for what really matters to their organization … serving others. Solar allows community and civic organizations to achieve long-term financial stability in service of amplifying their reach.

Why Make the Switch to Solar Now
  • Reduce Operating Expenses - Reducing one of your largest operational costs opens up new possibilities for other investments in your core mission.
  • New Financing Mechanism specific to Nonprofits and Government Agencies - Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), are now in Illinois. These are the financial key to unlocking the solar savings for tax-exempt organizations that otherwise do not have access to the 30% federal solar tax credit or depreciation.
  • No Need to Raise Funds or Deplete Capital - A Solar PPA enables governments and nonprofits to go solar without an upfront investment.
  • Look Toward the Future - Protect your budget from unexpected rate increases and lock in an electric rate lower than traditional grid electricity.
  • Stewardship - Demonstrate leadership as a steward of your community’s well-being.
  • Meet Established Community Targets - Play an active role meeting your community's long-term strategic or climate action plan that incorporates energy reduction targets.
  • As the Saying Goes: “Act now!” - PPAs are based on a third-party making use of the tax benefits while they are still available.
How Solar Can Work for Your Organization

If you wish you could bring the benefits of solar to your community, but just don’t have the funds, think again.

How Does a PPA Work?


Design & Contract

StraightUp Solar provides a customized Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Proposal for your organization. Your organization then signs a PPA with our Third Party Investor who provides the financing for your solar project.



The Third Party Investor finances the project and arranges for StraightUp Solar to install the solar array and provide maintenance. The Investor receives all financial incentives associated with the project including the tax credits.


Receive Solar Power

Your organization uses all the solar electricity produced by the solar array.


Reap Solar Savings

In return, your organization pays the Investor a fee for the solar electricity at a lower cost per KWh than grid electricity.

Why StraightUp Solar Is Right for Your Community
StraightUp Solar offers a unique perspective to help your organization or institution step forward with solar power:
  • Significant experience and expertise as the design and install (EPC) solar energy firm selected by major nonprofit and government institutions in Missouri and Illinois, including:
    • 175 KW at Mehlville School District in St. Louis, MO
    • 280 KW at Northwest School District in High Ridge, MO
    • 123 KW at YWCA of McLean County in Bloomington, IL
    • and many more
  • Over 1100 solar energy systems installed under the same ownership in the same region for over a decade;
  • Ongoing re-evaluation of: our design and build practices, the latest equipment, and internal processes for improved operations;
  • Upfront and transparent Cost-Benefit Analyses;
  • StraightUp Solar’s 10 Year Installation Workmanship & Production Warranties, in addition to panel manufacturer’s 25 year production warranty
  • Solar seminars to educate your stakeholders and empower your decision making
  • Marketing support with real-time Production Display for the public.
Get Started

StraightUp Solar is a fully insured, licensed, & Illinois state-certified, turnkey solar EPC firm staffed by our own in-house licensed electrician and NABCEP-certified professionals to provide the highest quality solar energy systems for the nonprofit sector.