At Home and at Work: Protek Communications Owner Covered by Solar Cameron McCurdy, owner of ProTek Communications, explains why he chose StraightUp Solar to install a solar energy system at multiple business locations. When it came time to place solar on his new home in Marion, Illinois, he chose StraightUp Solar again. 0:09 – ProTek Communications business location with solar installations 0:20 – Solar modules […]

Confluence Bookstore Turns the Page to Solar

Bookstore with solar panels on roof Sarah H. realized that solar did not make sense for her home, she explored a system for her bookstore, Confluence Books. StraightUp Solar handled all the steps—from design, to permitting, to installation, to interconnection—leaving Sarah to run her store. In the first year, Confluence Books is estimated to save $1,260 and pay back the […]

Backyard Solar Appeal

The Grobe family were happy to go solar in 2020! This attractive 6.48 kW roof mounted solar array sports 18 sleek REC 360 all-black panels with Enphase IQ7 microinverters (these fit compactly behind the panels). Over 25 years this family will likely save about $32,514 and have the system paid off in 7.5 years due […]

Alto Vineyards Pairs Sunshine and Wine

Alto Vineyards winery building with solar panels in the distance energy fits right into the sustainable practices at Alto Vineyards. Their 35kW system will offset 72% of the winemaking operations and charge two eclectic charging stations. Wayne W. explains the economic and public relations benefits for going solar. There are many good reasons and incentives to include solar energy in your business operations. Learn more about solar for […]

Forging Ahead with Solar Founded in 1988, Forge Resources Group has established themselves as an essential manufacturer of metal parts in the Midwest. While forging can be seen as an old, dirty, and unchanging industry, Forge Resources Group is pioneering a new way forward, starting with their own solar power production. With two solar arrays and a combined […]

First Baptist Church of O’Fallon, IL Goes Solar

Completed in March 2022 after 4,400 hours of labor, First Baptist Church of O’Fallon, IL houses a staggering 1,600 panels on its roof. With a solar capacity of over 599 kW, the system has the potential to save them $34,000 over the next year alone. If your place of worship, business, or organization is looking […]

Solar Makes Sense on the Farm This organic farmer went solar for his farming operation in 2019, and has been saving on his electric bill since! This 60.2 kW array allows this farmer to harvest the sun’s energy, and use it on site at his farm. This project was able to take advantage of four incentives: the federal investment tax […]

Solar Installation Process Revealed on this Illinois Home

This 12.24 kW residential rooftop solar array is estimated to produce 15,500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy in Year 1! That’s equivalent to over 27,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, or over 12,000 pounds of coal burned, or carbon sequestered by 14.3 acres of US forests in one year. Over 30 years, this home’s […]

Parkway School District Goes Solar

Parkway School District installed solar on four of their schools for an estimated savings of more than $1 million and making a substantial environmental impact over the 25+ year lifespan of the systems. If you are a school or business looking to go solar, start your free solar quote now.

VIVO Doubles up With Two Commercial Solar Installations

VIVO, a home and office brand and manufacturer headquartered in Goodfield, Illinois, went solar with their first commercial solar installation in October 2019. Since then, they’ve added a second system to their offices. They have a combined solar capacity of over 400kW and both arrays have the potential to save them over $1 million dollars over the […]