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Solar Brings Triple Digit Monthly Energy Bill Savings to St. Charles, MO, Homeowner

Solar financial savings were what initially drew homeowner Dr. Conoyer’s attention to solar. In 2021, StraightUp Solar set him up with a free quote for his St. Charles, Missouri, home. We provided cost and energy savings estimates up front so he could make an informed decision. Dr. Conoyer liked what he saw, entrusting our expert team to install a 16kW solar array, made up of 37 REC 440 Watt Panels and Enphase Microinverters. 

Two years later, Dr. Conoyer shares the results in this video testimonial. Though solar benefits are numerous, energy bill savings have made the greatest impact.

His neighbors, curious about the cost savings of solar, would ask, “how much is your energy bill this month?” He’d jokingly reply, “you don’t want to know.” While his neighbors were seeing bills ranging in the $400’s, his bill was only about $3. In his 2 years with solar energy, the most Dr. Conoyer paid the utility was $70, during a summer month with record-breaking temperatures.

Brighten Your Energy with Solar

With rising temperatures each passing year, energy bills are only increasing. Solar is a solution on both fronts, providing homeowners with a clean energy choice while also bringing immediate energy bill savings. Solar helps you freeze your energy costs for the 30+ year lifespan of your array. Choose brighter energy today. 

*All scenarios are unique, your experience may differ.