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A Brighter
Energy Choice

for Metro East Illinois

Uplift your energy with solar.

Choosing brighter energy means paying less on your energy bills, having more control over your energy, and gaining a long-term return on investment into your home, community, and planet.

From design to installation, StraightUp Solar helps Metro East Illinois homeowners uplift their energy with custom, turnkey solar solutions. We’ve brought 2,800+ installations to light since 2006, and will be here to care for your system for years to come. Find out how much you can save with solar by reaching out for a free estimate.

How Will Solar
Uplift Your Energy?

Solar empowers you to choose where your energy comes from for your family, likely for the first time ever. Solar technology is now at the top of its game, bringing the cost of solar panels down. With the strong growth of solar incentives, it’s no wonder that solar is flourishing in Metro East Illinois!

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Solar Makes Financial Sense
for Homeowners

Save on Energy Bills Immediately

Going solar is like owning your very own mini clean energy power plant on your roof (or yard). Instead of pulling all of your energy from the utility grid, solar offsets your electricity usage. You'll see your energy bill savings right away.

Lock in Long-term Savings in 2024

With utility rate increases in Illinois, going solar is a great way to stabilize your energy rates for the 30+ year lifespan of your array. Additionally, 2024 is the final year to lock in net metering rates before they drop. Find out how to maximize your rates.

Increase Your Home Value with Solar

StraightUp Solar joined the exclusive Pearl Home Certification Network to provide a better way to prove the value of your home's solar PV system when you sell or refinance. By choosing us to install your solar project, you're eligible for a free report.

Save up to 65% with Illinois & Federal Solar Incentives

Combine the Federal Investment Tax Credit and the Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credit program, to save up to 65% off the total cost of your solar array.

Interested in protecting against outages with a solar + battery solution? You may be eligible for a solar battery rebate. Our solar estimates calculate your eligible incentives up front.

Simplify Payments with Solar Financing Options

Investing in solar for your home sure feels much better than writing a hefty check to the utility company every month. Accessible financing options from the Clean Energy Credit Union—with $0 down, competitive rates, and special solar loans—make the switch to solar both financially practical and environmentally responsible. In many cases, your monthly payments may be equal to or lower than your current electricity bill!

Go Solar in 2024 to Maximize Savings

2024 provides the final opportunity to secure full-price retail net metering rates for Illinois solar homeowners. After January 1, 2025, investor-owned Illinois utilities (like Ameren Illinois) will be paying significantly less for solar credits as they drop from a retail rate net metering to a lower supply rate.

What is Net Metering? It is essentially a financial exchange compensating solar owners for the excess energy their solar array produces during peak solar hours that is exported to the utility grid.

What Does this Mean for Metro East Illinois Homeowners Interested in Solar?

By having your array installed before 2024 ends, you will essentially be “grandfathered in” to the current peak net metering rate. Our build schedule is filling up, but there’s still time to have your solar PV system installed to capture the summer sunshine!

Why Choose
StraightUp Solar?

StraightUp Solar was founded and is under the same owner since 2006, a track record few other local companies can match. Our team of solar experts lives and works in the local communities we serve, bringing 2,800 solar projects to light for our neighbors. 

StraightUp Solar’s success is driven by the 100+ people we employ, who—with diverse experiences, skills, and perspectives—unite under our CLEARE Values and certified B Corp status to achieve our mission.

Care for Community
Lead the Energy Transition
Educate Everyone
Advocate with Purpose
Respect People & Planet
Embody Excellence

As one of the only companies in Illinois with a full-time Service Team, we’ll be around to care for your system long-term. Combined with our warranties, you’ll gain peace of mind and ongoing support.

Metro East Illinois Homeowners

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