The Answer: On-line web-based monitoring – and, it has multiple benefits.

Once a solar customer has worked through typical questions of system size and components as well as budget, there is often a question that remains: “How do I know if my system is working appropriately”?

We’ve seen several key developments lately that are pushing solar mainstream. These include lower solar component costs and improved incentives. Others include more efficient solar panels and more experienced solar installers.

In addition to those paradigm-changing developments, the ability to monitor and visualize a solar systems production has further advanced the solar revolution.

Web-based monitoring is relatively simple in most cases. The data output from the solar inverter or micro-inverters is transferred to the internet either through a wireless connection or a data cable. This allows real-time visualization of the system’s production from essentially any location via a web link.

 Customers love this and solar installers benefit from it as well. Customers can ensure that the system is working and see how their investment is paying off – both financially and environmentally. Corporations and non-profits also utilize the displayed data to educate their customers and supporters while demonstrating their commitment to good environmental practices. Finally, installers can ensure that the system is functioning appropriately in accordance with their design and installation plans. This enables the installer to maximize the customer’s investment by closely monitoring for any components that may be under-performing that could be replaced while under warranty. StraightUp Solar offers web-based monitoring with all solar electric installations. We all benefit from this shared information and technology.

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