Solar Plus

With today’s energy solutions, solar goes beyond just the panels. Discover the possibilities with add-on options that can help secure your energy, protect against critters, modernize your home electricity, energize your electric vehicles, and more.

Solar Batteries

Secure Your Energy. Keep the lights on in a power outage with a solar +  battery solution. StraightUp Solar offers several options from powering a few appliances to whole house backup. Store your excess solar energy for later use. 

Our engineers can create a custom solution for your home through our storage platforms: Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ Battery.

SPAN Smart Panels

Total Control Over Your Energy. With SPAN, you can select specific circuits to receive power from your battery from the phone. The SPAN Display app shows how your home is generating and storing energy and consumption by individual circuits. 

Pair your SPAN smart panel with a solar battery to improve battery performance.

Critter Guard

Protect Your Array from Critters. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other small critters can pose serious risks to your solar array. They are capable of causing minor to severe damage to your system. 

With Critter Guard, you can help protect your array and keep your system running smoothly, without interference from nature’s unwanted guests. 

EV Chargers for Business

Meet the the EV Demand. With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, customers, tenants, and employees are attracted to stop, shop, and charge by reducing range anxiety. Demonstrate your corporate leadership with a visible commitment to environmental protection and technology. 

Have an EV fleet? Save costs and emissions by supporting your fleet with EV charging stations.

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