Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other small critters can pose serious risks to your solar array. They are capable of causing minor to severe damage to your system. With Critter Guard, you can help protect your array and keep your system running smoothly, without interference from nature’s unwanted guests. In this video we answer some of your most frequently asked questions:


What are the first signs of critter damage?


What kind of damage can critters cause?


What is Critter Guard?


Who should consider getting Critter Guard installed?


When should Critter Guard be installed?


How long will Critter Guard last?


What can you expect from the installation process?


Interested in Critter Guard?

If you already have a solar array and would like to add Critter Guard, reach out to our Service Department.  If you don’t have solar yet and would like to include Critter Guard in your custom solar quote, tell your Project Developer (or include it in the notes section of our quote form).