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Solar Helps St. Louis Life Focus on Their Mission

St. Louis Life is a community-based residential program for adults with developmental disabilities. This non-profit was interested in solar as an extension of caring for the community by supporting the growth of clean energy and to honor the memory of their founder. In addition, St. Louis Life’s 65.12 kW rooftop solar array helps them save on energy bills so they can focus further on their mission.

Through a competitive bidding process, St. Louis Life chose StraightUp Solar for their custom solar project.

“There were a couple of reasons why we chose StraightUp Solar… First of all, we liked the people. They were incredibly helpful, very informative of the process, very patient as we went through our bidding process. Number two, they were local. Third… the price was very competitive in comparison with other vendors.”

– Andy C., Executive Director

StraightUp Solar designed and built St. Louis Life’s 65.12 kW rooftop array with 148 SunPower 440 watt solar panels, using Fronius Symo inverters to produce 81,480 kWh of energy in Year 1. Over the 30 year lifespan of the array is expected to produce over 2,350 MWh of energy, offsetting 1,665 Metric Tons of CO2. That’s equivalent to over 4.1 million miles driven by a car, or 1.8 million pounds of coal burned, and could power 201 homes for one year.

StraightUp Solar also installed a Clipper Creek dual-port EV charging station, designing the underlying infrastructure to support an additional charging station in the future.

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