Why Install a Solar Power System in My Business?

Businesses In Every Sector Are Making Solar The Strategic Choice:

From manufacturing to data storage and processing centers, retail outlets, warehouses, office complexes, athletic facilities, and more. More businesses, from Fortune 500 all the way down to your corner pub, rely on solar energy than ever before to power their businesses.

Why Industrial Solar Power Systems For Your Business Strategy?
Discover what industrial solar power systems can do for your operations. Commercial solar photovoltaic (or PV) solutions are highly cost-effective, yielding key strategic advantages:
  • Reduces utility costs and increase cash flow
  • Provides low, essentially fixed electric rate
  • Tax liability turned into an investment via the 26% federal tax credit
  • Potential double-digit, low-risk ROI
  • Diversification that yields energy independence
  • Universally appealing sustainable business practices, creating new marketing opportunities
  • Add EV Charging Stations to charge your fleet, attract customers and tenants, or demonstrate corporate leadership.

Are you a small business looking for a solar energy solution? See what you can save.

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How Does Solar Work for Commercial and Industrial Businesses?


Solar Array

Your business’ solar panels use the sun’s energy to produce direct current (DC) electricity


Inverter & AC Panel

The inverter converts the DC electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity and sends it to your standard AC electrical panel.


Utility Meter

Solar electricity used by your business is electricity you do not purchase from the utility grid.


Electric Grid

Your solar system works in coordination with the utility grid. Any demand that is not met by your solar array is supplied by the grid. Any excess solar electricity that is not used at your facility will be sent to the grid.



Track your system’s production using an online monitoring portal which is linked directly from your inverter.

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Membership in Amicus Solar Cooperative makes us stronger. The Amicus Cooperative is a network of more than 40 locally owned, quality-driven, and clean energy-committed solar installers across the nation sharing lessons learned, best practices, and cooperative buying power.

Mounting Options

Ground Mounted Array
Roof Mounted Array
Carport Array


StraightUp Solar serves commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes across most of Illinois and Missouri:

Over 1700 solar energy systems installed under the same ownership in the same region for over a decade;
Turnkey EPC solutions with complete in-house capabilities and expert partners;
Installation crews with unparalleled pride in workmanship;
Workmanship and production warranties in addition to manufacturers’ warranties;
Up-front and transparent cost-benefit modeling;
Financing options that make solar pencil out;
Designs based on our client’s unique goals, demands, and constraints to empower strong decision-making;
Marketing support with real-time public solar energy production display

Pair Solar with EV Charging Stations to Meet the Demand

Electric Vehicle Charger Installer | Products

Find out how EV Chargers can help your business:

  1. Reduce Fleet Costs & Emissions
  2. Attract Customers & Tenants
  3. Demonstrate Corporate Leadership
  4. Increase Customer & Employee Loyalty


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