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The newest in solar technology arrives: SunPower AC PV panels


In July, StraightUp Solar began installing the newest in solar technology: SunPower AC panels. The AC panels are a highly efficient, aesthetically-pleasing module backed by SunPower’s industry-leading 25-year warranty.

StraightUp Solar is one of only a couple companies authorized to install SunPower products in the region.  Already, many of our clients are choosing the AC modules for their solar project. Benefits of these cutting-edge, SunPower AC panels include:

  • Highest Energy Production – With a reduced voltage-temperature coefficient and superior low-light performance, the SunPower E18 and E19 panels provide 18.1% and 19.1% efficiency, respectively. The SolarBridge Pantheon offers 95.5% efficiency and performs maximum power point tracking at the panel level, further enhancing energy harvest particularly on shaded roofs or suboptimal roof orientations. The combined AC panel provides an increase in energy production up to 25% over string/central inverter-based system.
  • Highest Reliability – SunPower’s AC solar panels are backed by a single, end-to-end 25-year warranty. Designed for reliability, the SolarBridge Pantheon microinverter contains no electrolytic capacitors or failure-prone components common in other microinverter designs. Matching the lifetime of SunPower’s panels, the Pantheon eliminates planned inverter replacements – dramatically reducing overall PV system costs.
  • Fast, Flexible System Design – SunPower’s AC solar panels eliminate the need for string sizing. Because of their energy harvest benefits, the panels can be installed at many sites that were previously unsuitable for solar due to shading or roof obstruction.

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