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Webinar: Mythbusting: Free Solar Panels in Illinois & Missouri

Mythbusting: Free Solar Panels in Illinois & Missouri | WEBINAR You may have heard ads for free solar panels in Illinois & Missouri. Spoiler alert: There’s no such thing. In this webinar, we uncover how offers of free solar panels and “no cost” solar are too-good-to-be-true. We’ll also clarify solar leases and explain the benefits of owning your solar photovoltaic (PV) system. On the […]

Webinar: Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

"Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer" Webinar | StraightUp Solar Wondering what questions to ask your solar installer before going solar? While choosing solar energy is a no-brainer—whether it’s to save on your utility bills, own your energy, or contribute to a healthier environment—it can be a challenge to select the right solar company. There’s a lot of buzz out there surrounding solar companies, […]

Webinar: Solar 101 for Illinois Homeowners Solar is bright in 2024! Discover everything you need to know about going solar with your home in Illinois. StraightUp Solar has brought 2,800+ solar installations to light for our neighbors since 2006. Watch our webinar recording to learn: How does solar work? What are the top 3 benefits of solar? Is my home setup […]

Webinar: Solar 101 for Missouri Homeowners Going solar in Missouri is easier and more affordable than you think. Discover everything you need to know about going solar with your home in Missouri.  Watch the webinar recording to learn: How does solar work? What are the benefits of going solar? Is my home setup good for solar energy? Add-ons like Batteries, […]

Webinar | SOLAR SERVICE: Show Your Solar Some Love In this Solar Service webinar, recorded on the eve of Valentine’s Day, you’ll find out how to show your solar PV system some TLC. No, it’s not a new dating app for solar homeowners. Just like other home appliances, sometimes your solar system may need extra attention. Some tasks you can manage, others may […]

Webinar: Lock in Peak Illinois Solar Net Metering Rates Before They Drop

WEBINAR: Lock in Peak Illinois Net Metering Rates in 2024 Before They Drop 2024 is the final year for full net metering for Illinois solar homeowners and businesses. Investor-owned Illinois utilities (like Ameren Illinois) will be paying significantly less for solar credits as they drop from a retail rate net metering to supply rate. Get started today to lock in 2024 rates! What is net metering? It […]

Webinar: Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition There’s so much to celebrate in solar this past year! In this webinar recording, Shannon Fulton, Vice President of Development and Policy at StraightUp Solar, and Ky Ajayi, Solar Access Manager and Project Developer review the one-year anniversary of the landmark Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Find out how the IRA incentives spurred more solar […]

Webinar: How Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value?

Webinar | How Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value? Solar saves money on your electricity bills, but how does it add equity value to your home? Join Rachel Davis of Pearl Certification and Tori Cheatem of Renew Missouri Homes to learn how Pearl’s solar equity calculator and the Missouri Green Homes Certificate can increase the value of your home for sale or refinance. […]

Webinar: What To Expect When You’re Expecting Solar You’ve always dreamed of going solar and have just signed the contract. But what actually happens next?  In this webinar recording, Project Developer Matt Knobbe shines a light on what you can expect between signing the contract up to the day when you flip the “on” switch to energize your home with your solar […]

Webinar: Is My Home Good for Solar? You’re likely excited about the environmental benefits of solar, but is your home a good fit for a solar array? In this webinar recording, Project Developer Saxon Metzger will walk you through our handy Solar Quiz. From the the material on your rooftop down to your utility bill, we’ll discuss all the considerations that […]