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Webinar: Mythbusting: Free Solar Panels in Illinois & Missouri

You may have heard ads for free solar panels in Illinois & Missouri. Spoiler alert: There’s no such thing. In this webinar, we uncover how offers of free solar panels and “no cost” solar are too-good-to-be-true. We’ll also clarify solar leases and explain the benefits of owning your solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

On the bright side, you can still get a great deal on solar. In fact, there are many financial benefits. Solar helps you immediately save on your energy bills, while locking in utility rates long-term. That’s just the start, there’s also solar incentives, $0 down financing options, and more.

Watch the video for solar mythbusting! Learn how to identify too-good-to-be-true solar offers and discover why solar ownership remains a smart financial choice for your home. 

  • 00:00 Introduction: StraightUp Solar
  • 06:50 Untrue “Free Solar Panels” Offers You May Have Heard
  • 08:00 Terminology: Defining Your Relationship with Solar Panels
  • 11:24 Federal Solar Incentive (Federal Tax Credit)
  • 14:04 Illinois Solar Incentive: Solar Renewable Energy Credits
  • 16:28 Advantages to Owning Your Solar Panels (Solar Incentives)
  • 20:53 Third-Party Ownership: Solar Leases & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • 24:52 Solar Lease & PPA Disadvantages/Risks
  • 29:05 Questions to Ask About Solar Leases
  • 37:06 5 Steps to Go Solar
  • 40:14 Conclusion

In the recording, we recommend tuning in to our “Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer” video to learn how to identify a trustworthy company. Download our handy checklist to help aid your research.

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