StraightUp Featured in Solar Builder

StraightUp Solar has been featured in Solar Builder Magazine for our pioneering efforts. We were the first installer to offer AC modules. This technology uses built in micro-inverters to take the pain out of DC power conversion. StraightUp is always seeking new ways to innovate and simplify the solar process so that we can build better relationships […]

Solar Warranties: Peace of Mind

Solar Warranties: The Solar Panels and Inverters 10/20/12 One of the wonders of solar power is its ability to produce clean, reliable energy for over 25 years. There is comfort in knowing that you’ve made a smart decision that will pay for itself and produce clean energy into the next generation. However, how can you […]

The newest in solar technology arrives: SunPower AC PV panels

In July, StraightUp Solar began installing the newest in solar technology: SunPower AC panels. The AC panels are a highly efficient, aesthetically-pleasing module backed by SunPower’s industry-leading 25-year warranty. StraightUp Solar is one of only a couple companies authorized to install SunPower products in the region.  Already, many of our clients are choosing the AC modules for their […]

How Are Solar Panels Mounted on My Home’s Roof?

Solar arrays will produce power for 25-30 years, and the attachment to the roof needs to last just as long. The typical residential roof type that we install solar on is a pitched, asphalt shingle roof.  Other pitched roof types include slate, tile, or metal roofs.  Flat roofs are also feasible locations for solar arrays […]

Taylorville Airport Unveils its New Solar System

StraightUp Solar completed a 19kW solar electric system at Taylorville Airport in Illinois. Take a look at the monitoring site to see how the system is performing!   Also, be sure to check out this news clip about the installation and unveiling: Video courtesy of WAND TV News.

Solar Inverters: How do they work and what type is right you?

Grid-tied solar inverters are not as sexy as solar panels, but they are arguably the most important part of a solar electric system.  Inverters perform two primary functions: 1)    Convert solar DC power to AC power, which we use in our buildings 2)    Are a safety mechanism that shuts off system when the grid goes […]

How Efficient is a Solar Panel?

The short answer is 14 – 20%. That means that nearly 20% of the sun’s energy that hits the panels is converted to electricity to enter your home or business. Let’s put solar power efficiency into context compared to another typical energy user that most of us use every day. A gasoline vehicle is 14 […]

Answers to questions we’re often asked

Question: How many solar panels can fit on my roof and how much will the system produce? Answer: Though every residential roof is different, here are some simple guidelines to get you started. 1. Solar panel’s DC power rating equals approximately 15 watts/square foot. 2. 70% of roof space is typically usable for panels. 3. In […]