What is the Future of the Federal Solar Tax Credit Incentive?


What is the Future of the Federal Solar Tax Credit Incentive? You might have heard that the 30% Federal Tax Investment Credit is stepping down to 26% in 2020. What you may not have heard is that the Federal Tax Investment Credit will step down again in 2021, to 22%. Finally, in 2022 it will […]

What happens with my utility when I go solar?

post updated 8/4/2021 Your community’s utility has a big impact on how solar will look for your home or business.   Because your solar PV system will likely be tied to the grid, it is important to know how your home’s electricity interacts with your utility. Being grid-tied means that you take energy from the […]

Why Are My Inverters And Solar PV Array Not The Same Size?

enphase m250

A common question in solar is “Why are you installing a 260 watt solar module on a 215 watt microinverter?” Or for central inverters, “Why is my system a 9,000 watt system on a 8,000 watt inverter?” Solar modules don’t produce their nameplate (DC) rating even with perfect sunlight that is perfectly oriented to the […]

How Are Solar Panels Mounted on My Home’s Roof?

Solar arrays will produce power for 25-30 years, and the attachment to the roof needs to last just as long. The typical residential roof type that we install solar on is a pitched, asphalt shingle roof.  Other pitched roof types include slate, tile, or metal roofs.  Flat roofs are also feasible locations for solar arrays […]

How Much Solar Power on My Home?

How much can solar power can I fit on my roof and how much will it produce?  These are two of the most frequent questions that we receive about solar power. Here are some simple guidelines for starters: Solar panel’s DC power rating equals approximately 15 watts / square foot. Most roof areas allow approximately […]

Six Things to Know When Considering Solar for Your Business in the St. Louis Region

1) Your Current Energy Use – Clients that understand their current energy usage (kilowatt hours per month) are best positioned to gauge how much solar will meet their energy savings goals. Implementing additional energy efficiency measures with your solar system will further enhance your investment and the environmental benefits. 2) Building Ownership – It is more straightforward […]